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2019-01-01Towards the development of artificial bone grafts: Combining synthetic biomineralisation with 3D printingKurian, M; Stevens, R; McGrath, KM
2006-08-01Measuring the electronic structure of disordered overlayers by electron momentum spectroscopy: The Cu/Si interfaceNixon, KL; Vos, M; Bewles, C; Ford, MJ
2019-04-01The Mitigating Role of Ecological Health Assets in Adolescent Cyberbullying VictimizationChester, KL; Magnusson, J; Klemera, E; Spencer, NH; Brooks, F
2018-03-01Design and preliminary evaluation of a cyber Security Requirements Education Game (SREG)Yasin, A; Liu, L; Li, T; Wang, J; Zowghi, D
2002-04-08The electronic band structure of Li<inf>2</inf>O: Testing theoretical predictions using electron momentum spectroscopyMikajlo, EA; Nixon, KL; Coleman, VA; Ford, MJ
2017-01-01Sidechain engineering in anthracene derivatives: Towards photofunctional liquid crystalsVan Den Kerkhof, LC; Allan, KM; McGrath, KM; Spencer, JL; Hodgkiss, JM
2013-06-01Developing multiliteracies in a technology-mediated environmentCooper, N; Lockyer, L; Brown, I
2015-01-01Social capital from online discussion forums: Differences between online and blended modes of deliveryCarceller, C; Dawson, S; Lockyer, L
2019-11The ‘balancing acts’ of building positive relationships with students: Secondary school teachers' perspectives in England and SpainGarcía-Moya, I; Moreno, C; Brooks, FM
2005-01-01The negotiator and the bomber: Analyzing the critical role of active listening in crisis negotiationsRoyce, T
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