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Jan-2013'Die internationale Gewerkschaftsbewegung, Arbeitskonflikte und Aussichten auf Tarifverhandlungen in China' (Strikes in China's Export Industries and the Reaction of the Chinese Government and Official Trade Union),Chan, A; Egger, G; Fuchs, D; Immervill, T; Steinmassl, L
Jan-2011When the World's Largest Company Encounters the World's Biggest CountryChan, A; Anita Chan
Jan-2012Unpacking the opportunities for change within a family owned manufacturing SME: A Design Led Innovation case studyPozzey, E; Wrigley, C; Bucolo, S; Bohemia, E; Liedtka, J; Rieple, AE
Jan-2012Using a design led approach to emotional business modellingBucolo, S; Wrigley, C; Bohemia, E; Liedtka, J; Rieple, AE
1-Dec-2008The emergence of Multi-Modal Distraction as a paediatric pain management toolMiller, K; Bucolo, S; Patterson, E; Kimble, RM
1-Jan-2012Chinese migrant workers: Factors constraining the emergence of class consciousnessChan, A; Siu, K
Jan-2011Practicing Cheer: The Diary of a Low-level Supervisor at a Walmart China StoreMyers, SE; Chan, A; Anita Chan
1-Jan-2009A chinese state enterprise under the reforms: What model of capitalism?Chan, A; Unger, J
Jan-2006Critical Perspectives on CSR and Development: What We Know, What We Don't Know, and What We Need to KnowPrieto-Carron, M; Lund-Thomsen, P; Chan, A; Muro, A; Bhushan, C
Jan-2006Arbeitsbeziehunger in China: Zwischen Organisiertem und Neoliberlism Kapitalismus (Industrial Relations in China: Between Organised and Neo-liberal Capitalism)Chan, A
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