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2020-09Characteristics of high‐impact agronomic journalsZhang Y; Yu Q
2015-09Mechanical control of mitotic progression in single animal cells.Cattin CJ; Düggelin M; Martinez-Martin D; Gerber C; Müller DJ; Stewart MP
2020-11-19The Role of Structure and Biophysical Properties in the Pleiotropic Effects of Statins.Murphy C; Deplazes E; Cranfield CG; Garcia A
2020-01-01Dimethylated sulfur production in batch cultures of Southern Ocean phytoplanktonSheehan CE; Petrou K
2002-01Behaviour of settlement-stage larvae of fishes with an estuarine juvenile phase: in situ observations in an warm-temperature estuaryTrinski, T
2020-11-04Functional Characterization of the N-Acetylmuramyl-l-Alanine Amidase, Ami1, from Mycobacterium abscessus.Küssau T; Van Wyk N; Johansen MD; Alsarraf HMAB; Neyret A; Hamela C; Sørensen KK; Thygesen MB; Beauvineau C; Kremer L; Blaise M
2020-05-12Fire and rain are one: Extreme rainfall events predict wildfire extent in an arid grasslandVerhoeven EM; Murray BR; Dickman CR; Wardle GM; Greenville AC
2006-01Photosynthesis of marine macroalgae in ice-covered and ice-free environments in East AntarcticaRuncie, J; Riddle, MJ
2020-04-14Evaluating the Alimentary and Respiratory Tracts in Health and disease (EARTH) research programme: a protocol for prospective, longitudinal, controlled, observational studies in children with chronic disease at an Australian tertiary paediatric hospital.Coffey MJ; McKay IR; Doumit M; Chuang S; Adams S; Stelzer-Braid S; Waters SA; Kasparian NA; Thomas T; Jaffe A; Katz T; Ooi CY
2020-10-14Surface modifications of titanium alloy using nanobioceramic-based coatings to improve osseointegration: a reviewChoi AH; Karacan I; Ben-Nissan B
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