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2020-05-27A novel real-world ecotoxicological dataset of pelagic microbial community responses to wastewater.Ruprecht JE; Glamore WC; Dafforn KA; Wemheuer F; Crane SL; van Dorst J; Johnston EL; Mitrovic SM; Turner IL; Ferrari BC; Birrer SC
2020-09Trichomes at the Base of the Petal Are Regulated by the Same Transcription Factors as Cotton Seed Fibers.Tan J; Walford S-A; Dennis ES; Llewellyn DJ
2020-01The intestinal virome in children with cystic fibrosis differs from healthy controls.Coffey MJ; Low I; Stelzer-Braid S; Wemheuer B; Garg M; Thomas T; Jaffe A; Rawlinson WD; Ooi CY
2020-06-20Top Notch Targeting Strategies in Cancer: A Detailed Overview of Recent Insights and Current Perspectives.Moore G; Annett S; McClements L; Robson T
2020The role of microbiome and NLRP3 inflammasome in the gut and the lungDonovan C; Liu G; Shen S; Marshall J; Kim R; Alamao CA; Budden KF; Choi JP; Kohonen-Corish M; El-Omar EM; Yang IA; Hansbro P
2020-04The Lipid Composition of Platelets and the Impact of Storage: An Overview.Green SM; Padula MP; Marks DC; Johnson L
2020-10Therapeutic efficacy of IL-17A neutralization with corticosteroid treatment in a model of antigen-driven mixed-granulocytic asthma.Menson KE; Mank MM; Reed LF; Walton CJ; Van Der Vliet KE; Ather JL; Chapman DG; Smith BJ; Rincon M; Poynter ME
2020-03The unusual conformation of cross-strand disulfide bonds is critical to the stability of β-hairpin peptides.Deplazes E; Chin YK-Y; King GF; Mancera RL
2020-07-28The evolution of sexually dimorphic cuticular hydrocarbons in blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae).Butterworth NJ; Wallman JF; Drijfhout FP; Johnston NP; Keller PA; Byrne PG
2020-10The moral residue of conservation.Batavia C; Nelson MP; Wallach AD
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