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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ
1-Jan-2003Allometry in the Bearded Dragon Pogona barbata (sauria: Agamidae): Sex and geographic differencesStauber, AG; Booth, DJ
1-Jan-2003Settlement and density of juvenile fish assemblages in natural, Zostera capricorni (Zosteraceae) and artificial seagrass bedsUpston, J; Booth, DJ
1-May-2004Variation in the sex ratio, size and age of longfinned eels within and among coastal catchments of south-eastern AustraliaWalsh, CT; Pease, BC; Booth, DJ
1-May-2004Movement, home range and site fidelity of the weedy seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Teleostei: Syngnathidae)Sanchez-Camara, J; Booth, DJ
Jan-2001A Novel Artificial Habitat Collection Device for Studying Resettlement Patterns in Anguillid Glass EelsSilberschneider, V; Pease, BC; Booth, DJ
20-Dec-2010Ontogenetic diet shifts in the reef fish Pseudanthias rubrizonatus from isolated populations on the North-West Shelf of AustraliaCummings, DO; Booth, DJ; Lee, RW; Simpson, SJ; Pile, AJ
Jan-2010Natural History of Sydney's Marine Fishes: where south meets northBooth, DJ; Lunney, D; Hutchings, PA; Hochuli, D
1-Jan-2011The reproductive biology of the common stingaree Trygonoptera testacea (Urolophidae) in eastern AustraliaVan Den Broek, J; Peach, M; Booth, DJ
14-Dec-2018Some old movies become classics - a case study determining the scientific value of ROV inspection footage on a platform on Australia's North West ShelfThomson, PG; Fowler, AM; Davis, AR; Pattiaratchi, CB; Booth, DJ
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