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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Trophic niche segregation allows range-extending coral reef fishes to co-exist with temperate species under climate change.Kingsbury, KM; Gillanders, BM; Booth, DJ; Nagelkerken, I
2020-04-01The effect of subsampling when monitoring bycatch in a penaeid trawl fisherySilburn, J; Johnson, DD; Booth, DJ; Taylor, MD
2020-04-01Impact of Spatial Management on Nontarget Species in an Oceanic Penaeid Trawl FisheryTaylor, MD; Silburn, J; Booth, DJ; Johnson, DD
2020-01Genomic and morphological evidence of distinct populations in the endemic common (weedy) seadragon Phyllopteryx taeniolatus (Syngnathidae) along the east coast of Australia.Klanten, OS; Gaither, MR; Greaves, S; Mills, K; O'Keeffe, K; Turnbull, J; McKinnon, R; Booth, DJ
2020-02Range-extending coral reef fishes trade-off growth for maintenance of body condition in cooler waters.Kingsbury, KM; Gillanders, BM; Booth, DJ; Coni, EOC; Nagelkerken, I
2020-07-01Latitude and protection affect decadal trends in reef trophic structure over a continental scaleMadin, EMP; Madin, JS; Harmer, AMT; Barrett, NS; Booth, DJ; Caley, MJ; Cheal, AJ; Edgar, GJ; Emslie, MJ; Gaines, SD; Sweatman, HPA
2020-03Predation avoidance and foraging efficiency contribute to mixed-species shoaling by tropical and temperate fishes.Paijmans, KC; Booth, DJ; Wong, MYL
2018-01-01AdaptationBooth, DJ; Biro, P
2021-02-08Ocean acidification may slow the pace of tropicalization of temperate fish communitiesConi, EOC; Nagelkerken, I; Ferreira, CM; Connell, SD; Booth, DJ
2017-09-20Biodiversity and climate change in the oceansBooth, DJ; Poloczanska, E; Donelson, J; Molinos, J; Burrows, M; Phillips, B; Perez-Ramirez, M
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