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2012-01Effects of elevated atmospheric [CO2] on instantaneous transpiration efficiency at leaf and canopy scales in Eucalyptus salignaBarton, C; Duursma, RA; Medlyn, BE; Ellsworth, DS; Eamus, D; Tissue, D; Adams, MA; Conroy, JP; Crous, KY; Liberloo, M; Low, M; Linder, S; McMurtrie, RE
2004-01-01Mechanisms underlying the amelioration of O<inf>3</inf>-induced damage by elevated atmospheric concentrations of CO<inf>2</inf>Cardoso-Vilhena, J; Balaguer, L; Eamus, D; Ollerenshaw, J; Barnes, J
2003-04-08Changes in photosynthesis during leaf expansion in Corymbia gummiferaChoinski, JS; Ralph, P; Eamus, D
1991-01-01The hydraulic conductivity of roots of rust-infected barley seedlingsBerryman, CA; Eamus, D; Farrar, JF
1999-01Optimization Theory Of Stomatal Behaviour - Ii. Stomatal Responses Of Several Tree Species Of North Australia To Changes In Light, Soil And Atmospheric Water Content And TemperatureThomas, DW; Eamus, D; Bell, DR
2008-04-01Tree rings of Pinus nigra from the Vienna basin region (Austria) show evidence of change in climatic sensitivity in the late 20th centuryLeal, S; Eamus, D; Grabner, M; Wimmer, R; Cherubini, P
2002-01Seasonal pattens of soil carbon dioxide efflux from a wet-dry tropical savanna of northern AustraliaChen, X; Eamus, D; Hutley, LB
2008-01-30Long term trends of stand transpiration in a remnant forest during wet and dry yearsZeppel, MJB; Macinnis-Ng, CMO; Yunusa, IAM; Whitley, RJ; Eamus, D
2015-01-01Flooding Regime Impacts on Radiation, Evapotranspiration, and Latent Energy Fluxes over Groundwater-Dependent Riparian Cottonwood and Saltcedar ForestsCleverly, J; Thibault, JR; Teet, SB; Tashjian, P; Hipps, LE; Dahm, CN; Eamus, D
1990-01-01Persistent stimulation of CO<inf>2</inf> assimilation and stomatal conductance by summer ozone fumigation in Norway spruceEamus, D; Barnes, JD; Mortensen, L; Ro-Poulsen, H; Davison, AW
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