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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-09-01Population dynamics and life history of a geographically restricted seahorse, Hippocampus whiteiHarasti, D; Martin-Smith, K; Gladstone, W
2006-04-01Habitat preferences and site fidelity of the ornate Wobbegong shark (Orectolobus ornatus) on rocky reefs of New South WalesCarraro, R; Gladstone, W
1987-10-01Role of female territoriality in social and mating systems of Canthigaster valentini (Pisces: Tetraodontidae): evidence from field experimentsGladstone, W
2007-01-01Within-generational and diversity-dependent effects in an individual-based model of predator-prey interactionChivers, WJ; Herbert, RD; Gladstone, W
2016-10-01Fish conservation in freshwater and marine realms: status, threats and managementArthington, AH; Dulvy, NK; Gladstone, W; Winfield, IJ
2010-02-23The influence of sex and maturity on the diet, mouth morphology and dentition of the Port Jackson shark, Heterodontus portusjacksoniPowter, DM; Gladstone, W; Platell, M
2014-01-01Effectiveness of habitat classes as surrogates for biodiversity in marine reserve planningDixon-Bridges, K; Hutchings, P; Gladstone, W
2006-05-01Effects of artificial openings of intermittently opening estuaries on macroinvertebrate assemblages of the entrance barrierGladstone, W; Hacking, N; Owen, V
2008-02-01Ban on commercial fishing in the estuarine waters of New South Wales, Australia: Community consultation and social impactsMomtaz, S; Gladstone, W
2007-05-01Temporal patterns of spawning and hatching in a spawning aggregation of the temperate reef fish Chromis hypsilepis (Pomacentridae)Gladstone, W
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