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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Reducing seed-densities in rice seedbeds improves the cultural control of apple snail damageYanes Figueroa, J; Almazan, MLP; Horgan, FG
2012-08-01Life Histories and Fitness of Two Tuber Moth Species Feeding on Native Andean PotatoesHorgan, FG; Quiring, DT; Lagnaoui, A; Pelletier, Y
2017-08-01Ecology and conservation of insectivorous bats in fragmented areas of macadamia production in eastern AustraliaCrisol-Martínez, E; Ford, G; Horgan, FG; Brown, PH; Wormington, KR
2017-06-01Ecological engineering with high diversity vegetation patches enhances bird activity and ecosystem services in Philippine rice fieldsHorgan, FG; Ramal, AF; Villegas, JM; Almazan, MLP; Bernal, CC; Jamoralin, A; Pasang, JM; Orboc, G; Agreda, V; Arroyo, C
2013-03-01Pathogen prevalence in commercially reared bumble bees and evidence of spillover in conspecific populationsMurray, TE; Coffey, MF; Kehoe, E; Horgan, FG
2017-01-01Effects of silicon soil amendments and nitrogen fertilizer on apple snail (Ampullariidae) damage to rice seedlingsHorgan, FG; Nogues Palenzuela, A; Stuart, AM; Naredo, AI; Ramal, AF; Bernal, CC; Almazan, MLP
2017-01-01Ecology and management of apple snails in riceHorgan, FG
2014-01-01Responses by farmers to the apple snail invasion of Ecuador's rice fields and attitudes toward predatory snail kitesHorgan, FG; Felix, MI; Portalanza, DE; Sánchez, L; Moya Rios, WM; Farah, SE; Wither, JA; Andrade, CI; Espin, EB
2013-07-01Hybrid rice and insect herbivores in AsiaHorgan, FG; Crisol, E
2014-01-01Impact of invasive apple snails on the functioning and services of natural andmanaged wetlandsHorgan, FG; Stuart, AM; Kudavidanage, EP
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