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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Nov-2015Trans-disciplinary research in synthesis of grass pollen aerobiology and its importance for respiratory health in AustralasiaDavies, JM; Beggs, PJ; Medek, DE; Newnham, RM; Erbas, B; Thibaudon, M; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, EJ; Huete, AR
1-Jan-1988Soil and atmosphere influences on the spectra of partial canopiesHuete, AR; Jackson, RD
1-Jan-1994Terrestrial remote sensing science and algorithms planned for EOS/MODISRunning, SW; Justice, CO; Salomonson, V; Hall, D; Barker, J; Kaufmann, YJ; Strahler, AH; Huete, AR; Muller, JP; Vanderbilt, V; Wan, ZM; Teillet, P; Carneggie, D
1-May-2017Optimizing the processing of UAV-based thermal imageryMaes, WH; Huete, AR; Steppe, K
1-Nov-2009The land-atmosphere water flux in the tropicsFisher, JB; Malhi, Y; Bonal, D; Da Rocha, HR; De Araújo, AC; Gamo, M; Goulden, ML; Rano, TH; Huete, AR; Kondo, H; Kumagai, T; Loescher, HW; Miller, S; Nobre, AD; Nouvellon, Y; Oberbauer, SF; Panuthai, S; Roupsard, O; Saleska, S; Tanaka, K; Tanaka, N; Tu, KP; Von Randow, C
1-Aug-2007Relationship between evapotranspiration and precipitation pulses in a semiarid rangeland estimated by moisture flux towers and MODIS vegetation indicesNagler, PL; Glenn, EP; Kim, H; Emmerich, W; Scott, RL; Huxman, TE; Huete, AR
1-Jan-2001Assessment of spectral vegetation indices for riparian vegetation in the Colorado River delta, MexicoNagler, PL; Glenn, EP; Huete, AR
1-Feb-2009Performance of three reflectance calibration methods for airborne hyperspectral spectrometer dataMiura, T; Huete, AR
1-Jan-2015Differences in grass pollen allergen exposure across AustraliaBeggs, PJ; Katelaris, CH; Medek, D; Johnston, FH; Burton, PK; Campbell, B; Jaggard, AK; Vicendese, D; Bowman, DMJS; Godwin, I; Huete, AR; Erbas, B; Green, BJ; Newnham, RM; Newbigin, E; Haberle, SG; Davies, JM
1-Apr-2008Relationship between remotely-sensed vegetation indices, canopy attributes and plant physiological processes: What vegetation indices can and cannot tell us about the landscapeGlenn, EP; Huete, AR; Nagler, PL; Nelson, SG
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