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2020-10-20Rifabutin Is Bactericidal against Intracellular and Extracellular Forms of Mycobacterium abscessus.Johansen, MD; Daher, W; Roquet-Banères, F; Raynaud, C; Alcaraz, M; Maurer, FP; Kremer, L
2020-07Non-tuberculous mycobacteria and the rise of Mycobacterium abscessus.Johansen, MD; Herrmann, J-L; Kremer, L
2021-05-10Biological and biochemical evaluation of isatin-isoniazid hybrids as bactericidal candidates against <i>Mycobacterium tuberculosis</i>.Johansen, MD; Shalini,; Kumar, S; Raynaud, C; Quan, DH; Britton, WJ; Hansbro, PM; Kumar, V; Kremer, L
2021-11-30A single dose, BCG-adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine provides sterilising immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection.Counoupas, C; Johansen, MD; Stella, AO; Nguyen, DH; Ferguson, AL; Aggarwal, A; Bhattacharyya, ND; Grey, A; Hutchings, O; Patel, K; Siddiquee, R; Stewart, EL; Feng, CG; Hansbro, NG; Palendira, U; Steain, MC; Saunders, BM; Low, JKK; Mackay, JP; Kelleher, AD; Britton, WJ; Turville, SG; Hansbro, PM; Triccas, JA
2021-12-14Immunizations with diverse sarbecovirus receptor-binding domains elicit SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies against a conserved site of vulnerability.Burnett, DL; Jackson, KJL; Langley, DB; Aggrawal, A; Stella, AO; Johansen, MD; Balachandran, H; Lenthall, H; Rouet, R; Walker, G; Saunders, BM; Singh, M; Li, H; Henry, JY; Jackson, J; Stewart, AG; Witthauer, F; Spence, MA; Hansbro, NG; Jackson, C; Schofield, P; Milthorpe, C; Martinello, M; Schulz, SR; Roth, E; Kelleher, A; Emery, S; Britton, WJ; Rawlinson, WD; Karl, R; Schäfer, S; Winkler, TH; Brink, R; Bull, RA; Hansbro, PM; Jäck, H-M; Turville, S; Christ, D; Goodnow, CC
2021-09-01Mycobacteriophage-antibiotic therapy promotes enhanced clearance of drug-resistant Mycobacterium abscessus.Johansen, MD; Alcaraz, M; Dedrick, RM; Roquet-Banères, F; Hamela, C; Hatfull, GF; Kremer, L
2021The Role of Macrophages During Mammalian Tissue Remodeling and Regeneration Under Infectious and Non-Infectious Conditions.Bohaud, C; Johansen, MD; Jorgensen, C; Kremer, L; Ipseiz, N; Djouad, F
2021The Role of Macrophages During Zebrafish Injury and Tissue Regeneration Under Infectious and Non-Infectious Conditions.Bohaud, C; Johansen, MD; Jorgensen, C; Ipseiz, N; Kremer, L; Djouad, F
2021-07Conserved and specialized functions of Type VII secretion systems in non-tuberculous mycobacteria.Lagune, M; Petit, C; Sotomayor, FV; Johansen, MD; Beckham, KSH; Ritter, C; Girard-Misguich, F; Wilmanns, M; Kremer, L; Maurer, FP; Herrmann, J-L
2022-01Clinical features and mechanistic insights into drug repurposing for combating COVID-19.Asrani, P; Tiwari, K; Eapen, MS; McAlinden, KD; Haug, G; Johansen, MD; Hansbro, PM; Flanagan, KL; Hassan, MI; Sohal, SS
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