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1-Jan-2011Analysis of coke under compressive loading: A combined approach using micro-computed tomography, finite element analysis, and empirical models of porous structuresTsafnat, N; Amanat, N; Jones, AS
1-Nov-2012Bone microarchitecture at oral implant sites in ectodermal dysplasia (ED): A comparison between males and femalesSilthampitag, P; Klineberg, I; Austin, B; Jones, AS
1-Aug-2012Assessment of intracochlear trauma caused by the insertion of a new straight research arrayMukherjee, P; Uzun-Coruhlu, H; Wong, CC; Curthoys, IS; Jones, AS; Gibson, WPR
1-Jan-2011Ultramicroscopy of bone at oral implant sites: A comparison of ed and control patients. part 1-defining the protocolSilthampitag, P; Klineberg, I; Jones, AS; Austin, B; Zee, KY; Wallace, C; Scholz, S; Naim, A; Zoud, K
1-Nov-2011Erratum: Physical properties of root cementum: Part 19. Comparison of the amounts of root resorption between the right and left first premolars after application of buccally directed heavy orthodontictipping forces (American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (2011) 140 (e49-52))Ho, C; Tüurk, T; Elekdaüǧ-Türk, S; Jones, AS; Petocz, P; Cheng, LL; Darendeliler, MA
1-Apr-2011Three-dimensional analysis of the vestibular end organs in relation to the stapes footplate and piston placementMukherjee, P; Uzun-Coruhlu, H; Curthoys, IS; Jones, AS; Bradshaw, AP; Pohl, DV
1-Jan-2004Direct Neural Network Application for Automated Cell RecognitionZheng, Q; Milthorpe, BK; Jones, AS
1-Feb-2012Physical properties of root cementum: Part 23. Effects of 2 or 3 weekly reactivated continuous or intermittent orthodontic forces on root resorption and tooth movement: A microcomputed tomography studyAras, B; Cheng, LL; Turk, T; Elekdag-Turk, S; Jones, AS; Darendeliler, MA
3-Mar-2011Physical properties of root cementum: Part 16. Comparisons of root resorption and resorption craters after the application of light and heavy continuous and controlled orthodontic forces for 4, 8, and 12 weeksPaetyangkul, A; Türk, T; Elekda-Türk, S; Jones, AS; Petocz, P; Cheng, LL; Darendeliler, MA
1-Jan-1994Measurement of microtomy induced section distortion and its correction for 3‐dimensional histological reconstructionsJones, AS; Milthorpe, BK; Howlett, CR
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