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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-12-01Strengthening association between driver drowsiness and its physiological predictors by combining EEG with measures of body movementPritchett, S; Zilberg, E; Xu, ZM; Karrar, M; Lal, S; Burton, D
2011-01-01Driver drowsiness classification using fuzzy wavelet-packet-based feature-extraction algorithmKhushaba, RN; Kodagoda, S; Lal, S; Dissanayake, G
2007-01The reliability of sensing fatigue from neurophysiologyLal, S; Bekiaris, E; UTS
2012-06-22Neuroanalysis of therapeutic alliance in the symptomatically anxious: The physiological connection revealed between therapist and clientStratford, T; Lal, S; Meara, A
2010-01-01Optical flow based analyses to detect emotion from human facial image dataBesinger, A; Sztynda, T; Lal, S; Duthoit, C; Agbinya, J; Jap, B; Eager, D; Dissanayake, G
2011-01-01Comparing combinations of EEG activity in train drivers during monotonous drivingJap, BT; Lal, S; Fischer, P
2011-12-01Comparing accuracy of two algorithms for detecting driver drowsiness Single source (EEG) and hybrid (EEG and body movement)Pritchett, S; Zilberg, E; Xu, ZM; Karrar, M; Burton, D; Lal, S
2017-02-01Stress and its Impact on the Neurocognitive Performance of Australian NursesLees, T; Lal, S
2017-12-03Exploring cognitive function in diabetes and non-diabetes samples using electroencephalography (EEG) and psychometric assessment: a comparative studyKalatzis, G; Lees, T; Nassif, N; Zaslawski, C; Lal, S
2013-07-01Peripheral arterial disease and chronic heart failure: A dangerous mixInglis, SC; Hermis, A; Shehab, S; Newton, PJ; Lal, S; Davidson, PM
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