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2020-06-16First Detection of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins from Alexandrium pacificum above the Regulatory Limit in Blue Mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in New South Wales, Australia.Barua, A; Ajani, PA; Ruvindy, R; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Brett, S; Hill, D; Sarowar, C; Hoppenrath, M; Murray, SA
2020-12-16Gambierdiscus, the cause of ciguatera fish poisoning: an increased human health threat influenced by climate changeFarrell, H; Kohli, GS; Murray, SA
2021-08-11A Comparative Analysis of Methods (LC-MS/MS, LC-MS and Rapid Test Kits) for the Determination of Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins in Oysters, Mussels and PipisAjani, PA; Sarowar, C; Turnbull, A; Farrell, H; Zammit, A; Helleren, S; Hallegraeff, G; Murray, SA
2022-10Geographical distribution, molecular and toxin diversity of the dinoflagellate species Gambierdiscus honu in the Pacific region.Stuart, J; Smith, KF; Rhodes, L; Murray, JS; Viallon, J; Henry, K; Darius, HT; Murray, SA; De Azevedo, CD; Argyle, P; Chinain, M
2021-10-29Morphology and molecular phylogeny of Bindiferia gen. nov. (Dinophyceae), a new marine, sand-dwelling dinoflagellate genus formerly classified within AmphidiniumBorchhardt, N; Chomérat, N; Bilien, G; Zentz, F; Rhodes, L; Murray, SA; Hoppenrath, M
2019-02-08Development of a quantitative PCR assay for the detection and enumeration of a potentially ciguatoxin-producing dinoflagellate, Gambierdiscus lapillus (Gonyaulacales, Dinophyceae)Kretzschmar, AL; Verma, A; Kohli, GS; Murray, SA
2022-08-12Transforming Australian Shellfish Production: Long Island Harvest Area, Wallis Lake. Report on Stage 1, December 2017-March 2021.Ajani, P; Dove, M; Farrell, H; O'Connor, W; Tesoriero, M; Verma, A; Zammit, A; Hughes, B; Murray, SA
2022-10Temperature variability interacts with mean temperature to influence the predictability of microbial phenotypes.Fu, F-X; Tschitschko, B; Hutchins, DA; Larsson, ME; Baker, KG; McInnes, A; Kahlke, T; Verma, A; Murray, SA; Doblin, MA
2023Gamay (Botany Bay, Australia): What we know and still need to know about this highly modified coastal waterway?Stelling-Wood, TP; Gribben, PE; Birch, G; Bishop, MJ; Blount, C; Booth, DJ; Brown, C; Bruce, E; Bugnot, AB; Byrne, M; Creese, RG; Dafforn, KA; Dahlenburg, J; Doblin, MA; Fellowes, TE; Fowler, AM; Gibbs, MC; Glamore, W; Glasby, TM; Hay, AC; Kelaher, B; Knott, NA; Larkum, AWD; Parker, LM; Marzinelli, EM; Mayer-Pinto, M; Morgan, B; Murray, SA; Rees, MJ; Ross, PM; Roughan, M; Saintilan, N; Scanes, E; Seymour, JR; Schaefer, N; Suthers, IM; Taylor, MD; Williamson, JE; Concejo, AV; Whittington, RJ; Figueira, WF
2020-05-21Functional significance of phylogeographic structure in a toxic benthic marine microbial eukaryote over a latitudinal gradient along the East Australian CurrentVerma, A; Hughes, DJ; Harwood, DT; Suggett, DJ; Ralph, PJ; Murray, SA
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