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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-05Perspectives for Glyco-Engineering of Recombinant Biopharmaceuticals from Microalgae.Barolo L; Abbriano RM; Commault AS; George J; Kahlke T; Fabris M; Padula MP; Lopez A; Ralph PJ; Pernice M
2019-02-01Structural characterization of protein toxins from Australian snake venoms using native mass spectrometryHarrison JA; Kelso C; Padula MP; Nicholson GM; Beck JL
2020-07-17Label-Free, Real-Time Phospholipase-A Isoform AssayGarcia A; Deplazes E; Aili S; Padula MP; Touchard A; Murphy C; Mirissa Lankage U; Nicholson GM; Cornell B; Cranfield CG
2020-04The Lipid Composition of Platelets and the Impact of Storage: An Overview.Green SM; Padula MP; Marks DC; Johnson L
2020-01-15Special Issue "Top-down Proteomics: In Memory of Dr Alfred Yergey". Alfred Linwood Yergey, III, 17 September 1941-27 May 2018.Coorssen JR; Padula MP
2020-07-15Selectively-Packaged Proteins in Breast Cancer Extracellular Vesicles Involved in Metastasis.Dalla PV; Santos J; Milthorpe BK; Padula MP
2020-10Characterizing the ability of an ice recrystallization inhibitor to improve platelet cryopreservation.Waters L; Ben R; Acker JP; Padula MP; Marks DC; Johnson L
2020-07Calcium chelation: a novel approach to reduce cryopreservation-induced damage to frozen platelets.Waters L; Padula MP; Marks DC; Johnson L
2020-10-21Extended storage of thawed platelets: Refrigeration supports postthaw quality for 10 days.Johnson L; Vekariya S; Tan S; Padula MP; Marks DC
2020-05-09HPLC MS-MS Analysis Shows Measurement of Corticosterone in Egg Albumen Is Not a Valid Indicator of Chicken Welfare.Caulfield MP; Padula MP
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