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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12-01Impact of spatial-temporal variations of climatic variables on summer maize yield in North China PlainWu, D; Yu, Q; Wang, E; Hengsdijk, H
2015-05-01Sustainable limits to crop residue harvest for bioenergy: Maintaining soil carbon in Australia's agricultural landsZhao, G; Bryan, BA; King, D; Luo, Z; Wang, E; Yu, Q
2011-11-01Modelling nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emission from soil in an incubation experimentXing, H; Wang, E; Smith, CJ; Rolston, D; Yu, Q
2008-03-13Effects of climatic variation and warming on rice development across South ChinaLu, PL; Yu, Q; Wang, E; Liu, JD; Xu, SH
2010-08-01Modelling the effects of climate variability and water management on crop water productivity and water balance in the North China PlainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
2010-06-01Measurement and simulation of diurnal variations in water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency in an irrigated wheat-maize field in the North China PlainWang, J; Zhao, T; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yang, X; Feng, L; Pana, X
2010-06-01Quantifying the effects of climate trends in the past 43 years (1961-2003) on crop growth and water demand in the North China PlainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Zhang, Y
2010-05-01Modeling wheat and maize productivity as affected by climate variation and irrigation supply in North China plainChen, C; Wang, E; Yu, Q
2006-06-01Soil nitrate accumulation, leaching and crop nitrogen use as influenced by fertilization and irrigation in an intensive wheat-maize double cropping system in the North China PlainFang, Q; Yu, Q; Wang, E; Chen, Y; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Li, L
2008-11-30Climate, agricultural production and hydrological balance in the North China PlainWang, E; Yu, Q; Wu, D; Xia, J
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