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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Effects of DEM resolutions on LS and hillslope erosion estimation in a burnt landscapeShan, L; Yang, X; Zhu, Q
2020-06-01Creating new near-surface air temperature datasets to understand elevation-dependent warming in the Tibetan PlateauZhang, M; Wang, B; Cleverly, J; Liu, DL; Feng, P; Zhang, H; Huete, A; Yang, X; Yu, Q
2020-03-01State and trends of hillslope erosion across New South Wales, AustraliaYang, X
2020-10Cerebral cavernous malformations are driven by ADAMTS5 proteolysis of versican.Hong, CC; Tang, AT; Detter, MR; Choi, JP; Wang, R; Yang, X; Guerrero, AA; Wittig, CF; Hobson, N; Girard, R; Lightle, R; Moore, T; Shenkar, R; Polster, SP; Goddard, LM; Ren, AA; Leu, NA; Sterling, S; Yang, J; Li, L; Chen, M; Mericko-Ishizuka, P; Dow, LE; Watanabe, H; Schwaninger, M; Min, W; Marchuk, DA; Zheng, X; Awad, IA; Kahn, ML
2020-02-01Extreme rainfall, rainfall erosivity, and hillslope erosion in Australian Alpine region and their future changesZhu, Q; Yang, X; Ji, F; Liu, DL; Yu, Q
2020-11-02Rapid assessment of hillslope erosion risk after the 2019–2020 wildfires and storm events in sydney drinking water catchmentYang, X; Zhang, M; Oliveira, L; Ollivier, QR; Faulkner, S; Roff, A
2020-09-01Remote sensing estimation of the soil erosion cover-management factor for China's Loess PlateauYang, X; Zhang, X; Lv, D; Yin, S; Zhang, M; Zhu, Q; Yu, Q; Liu, B
2020-04Reduction of structural impacts and distinction of photosynthetic pathways in a global estimation of GPP from space-borne solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescenceZhang, Z; Zhang, Y; Porcar-Castell, A; Joiner, J; Guanter, L; Yang, X; Migliavacca, M; Ju, W; Sun, Z; Chen, S; Martini, D; Zhang, Q; Li, Z; Cleverly, J; Wang, H; Goulas, Y
2019-03-01Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance over Land Using Geostationary Satellite DataShe, L; Xue, Y; Yang, X; Leys, J; Guang, J; Che, Y; Fan, C; Xie, Y; Li, Y
2019-01-01Propagation of climate model biases to biophysical modelling can complicate assessments of climate change impact in agricultural systemsLiu, DL; Wang, B; Evans, J; Ji, F; Waters, C; Macadam, I; Yang, X; Beyer, K
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