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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-09-25Drought Early Warning of Winter Wheat Based on Soil Water Dynamic Model Coupled with Grid Weather Forecast DataHe, L; Qian, Z; Jin, N; Yu, Q; Hou, Y
2020-06-01Creating new near-surface air temperature datasets to understand elevation-dependent warming in the Tibetan PlateauZhang, M; Wang, B; Cleverly, J; Liu, DL; Feng, P; Zhang, H; Huete, A; Yang, X; Yu, Q
2020-03-01Using MODIS LAI data to monitor spatio-temporal changes of winter wheat phenology in response to climate warmingSong, Y; Wang, J; Yu, Q; Huang, J
2020-07-15Vegetation and species impacts on soil organic carbon sequestration following ecological restoration over the Loess Plateau, ChinaWang, H; Yue, C; Mao, Q; Zhao, J; Ciais, P; Li, W; Yu, Q; Mu, X
2019-11-22What is the best article publishing strategy for early career scientists?Zhang, Y; Yu, Q
2020-01-15Use of a plastic temperature response function reduces simulation error of crop maturity date by halfWu, D; Wang, P; Jiang, C; Yang, J; Huo, Z; Shi, K; Yang, Y; Yu, Q
2020-07Using large-scale climate drivers to forecast meteorological drought condition in growing season across the Australian wheatbelt.Feng, P; Wang, B; Luo, J-J; Liu, DL; Waters, C; Ji, F; Ruan, H; Xiao, D; Shi, L; Yu, Q
2020-04-01Total soil organic carbon increases but becomes more labile after afforestation in China's Loess PlateauZhang, Q; Jia, X; Wei, X; Shao, M; Li, T; Yu, Q
2020-02-15Target areas for harmonizing the Grain for Green Programme in China's Loess PlateauGeng, Q; Ren, Q; Yan, H; Li, L; Zhao, X; Mu, X; Wu, P; Yu, Q
2020-01-01Spatial pattern and seasonal dynamics of the photosynthesis activity across Australian rainfed croplandsShen, J; Huete, A; Ma, X; Tran, NN; Joiner, J; Beringer, J; Eamus, D; Yu, Q
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