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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11-30Decadal water storage decrease driven by vegetation changes in the Yellow River BasinLi, C; Zhang, Y; Shen, Y; Yu, Q
2020-11-01Tissue structure contributes to the production of a coloured skin display in the Common MynaPeneaux, C; Hansbro, PM; Jobling, P; Holdsworth, JL; Griffin, AS
2020-06Platelet activating factor receptor acts to limit colitis-induced liver inflammation.Liu, G; Baird, AW; Parsons, MJ; Fan, K; Skerrett-Byrne, DA; Nair, PM; Makanyengo, S; Chen, J; Neal, R; Goggins, BJ; Tay, H; Mathe, A; Soh, WS; Minahan, K; Hansbro, PM; Nixon, B; McCaughan, GW; Holtmann, G; Colgan, SP; Keely, S
2020-10Goal-directed actions transiently depend on dorsal hippocampus.Bradfield, LA; Leung, BK; Boldt, S; Liang, S; Balleine, BW
2015-02Programming of formalin-induced nociception by neonatal LPS exposure: Maintenance by peripheral and central neuroimmune activity.Zouikr, I; Ahmed, AF; Horvat, JC; Beagley, KW; Clifton, VL; Ray, A; Thorne, RF; Jarnicki, AG; Hansbro, PM; Hodgson, DM
2020-03Predation avoidance and foraging efficiency contribute to mixed-species shoaling by tropical and temperate fishes.Paijmans, KC; Booth, DJ; Wong, MYL
2018-01-01AdaptationBooth, DJ; Biro, P
2014-05Mast cell-restricted tetramer-forming tryptases and their beneficial roles in hemostasis and blood coagulation.Prieto-García, A; Castells, MC; Hansbro, PM; Stevens, RL
2014-11JTD special edition 'Hot Topics in COPD'-The microbiome in COPD.Chambers, DC; Gellatly, SL; Hugenholtz, P; Hansbro, PM
2014-02Lung-gut cross talk: a potential mechanism for intestinal dysfunction in patients with COPD.Keely, S; Hansbro, PM
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