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2015-12Inflammasomes in COPD and neutrophilic asthma.Kim, RY; Pinkerton, JW; Gibson, PG; Cooper, MA; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM
2015-10Early life programming of pain: Neuroimmune to endocrine symphonyZouikr, I; James, MH; Campbell, EJ; Ahmed, AF; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM; Clifton, VL; Beagley, KW; Thorne, RF; Dayas, CV; Hodgson, DM
2016-01-01Reclamation of tidal flats and shorebird declines in Saemangeum and elsewhere in the Republic of KoreaMoores, N; Rogers, DI; Rogers, K; Hansbro, PM
2014-11Inflammation and lymphopenia trigger autoimmunity by suppression of IL-2-controlled regulatory T cell and increase of IL-21-mediated effector T cell expansion.Chevalier, N; Thorburn, AN; Macia, L; Tan, J; Juglair, L; Yagita, H; Yu, D; Hansbro, PM; Mackay, CR
2020-05-01Latitudinal variation in growth rates and limited movement patterns revealed for east-coast snapper Chrysophrys auratus through long-term cooperative-tagging programsStewart, J; Pidd, A; Fowler, AM; Sumpton, W
2020-11In-situ Neutron Reflectometry Study on Adsorption of Glucose Oxidase at Mesoporous Aluminum Oxide Film.Yamaguchi, A; Katayama, K; Holt, SA
2019-03Modification of Crocodile Spermatozoa Refutes the Tenet That Post-testicular Sperm Maturation Is Restricted To Mammals.Nixon, B; Johnston, SD; Skerrett-Byrne, DA; Anderson, AL; Stanger, SJ; Bromfield, EG; Martin, JH; Hansbro, PM; Dun, MD
2017-09-20Biodiversity and climate change in the oceansBooth, DJ; Poloczanska, E; Donelson, J; Molinos, J; Burrows, M; Phillips, B; Perez-Ramirez, M
2020-11-01Integrative Taxonomy of Australian Metopia (Sarcophagidae: Miltogramminae) Reveals a New Species and Challenges Traditional PhylogenyJohnston, NP; Wallman, JF; Pape, T
2021-01-17ACE2 expression is elevated in airway epithelial cells from older and male healthy individuals but reduced in asthma.Wark, PAB; Pathinayake, PS; Kaiko, G; Nichol, K; Ali, A; Chen, L; Sutanto, EN; Garratt, LW; Sohal, SS; Lu, W; Eapen, MS; Oldmeadow, C; Bartlett, N; Reid, A; Veerati, P; Hsu, AC-Y; Looi, K; Iosifidis, T; Stick, SM; Hansbro, PM; Kicic, A
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