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2023-02-01Mitochondrial dysfunction in a rat model and the related risk of metabolic disorders.Li, H; Cai, H; Huang, X; Herok, G; He, J; Su, Y; Li, W; Yi, C; Oliver, B; Chen, H
2023-04Learning to Manage De-escalation Through Simulation: An Exploratory StudyPower, T; Kennedy, P; Chen, H; Martinez-Maldonado, R; McGregor, C; Johnson, A; Townsend, L; Hayes, C
2023-03-08Optimized plasma sample preparation and LC-MS analysis to support large-scale proteomic analysis of clinical trial specimens: Application to the Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes (FIELD) trial.O'Rourke, MB; Januszewski, AS; Sullivan, DR; Lengyel, I; Stewart, AJ; Arya, S; Ma, R; Galande, S; Hardikar, AA; Joglekar, MV; Keech, AC; Jenkins, AJ; Molloy, MP
2023-01-11Molecular Detection of Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Case for Automated Near-Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Leishmaniasis.Gow, I; Smith, N; Stark, D; Ellis, J
2023-04Future shock: Ocean acidification and seasonal water temperatures alter the physiology of competing temperate and coral reef fishesMitchell, A; Hayes, C; Booth, DJ; Nagelkerken, I
2022-04Mortality and resprouting responses in forest trees driven more by tree and ecosystem characteristics than drought severity and fire frequencyBendall, ER; Bedward, M; Boer, M; Clarke, H; Collins, L; Leigh, A; Bradstock, RA
2022-06-30Molecular microbiological approaches reduce ambiguity about the sources of faecal pollution and identify microbial hazards within an urbanised coastal environment.Williams, NLR; Siboni, N; Potts, J; Campey, M; Johnson, C; Rao, S; Bramucci, A; Scanes, P; Seymour, JR
2022-08-15Rainfall leads to elevated levels of antibiotic resistance genes within seawater at an Australian beach.Williams, NLR; Siboni, N; McLellan, SL; Potts, J; Scanes, P; Johnson, C; James, M; McCann, V; Seymour, JR
2023-07-18Inflammatory and anti-viral responses to influenza A virus infection are dysregulated in pregnant mice with allergic airway disease.Vanders, RL; Gomez, HM; Hsu, AC; Daly, K; Wark, PAB; Horvat, JC; Hansbro, PM
2022-05-15Exposure duration and composition are important variables to predict short-term toxicity of effluents to a tropical copepod, Acartia sinjiensisStone, S; McKnight, KS; Naab, C; Koppel, DJ; Binet, MT; Jolley, DF; Simpson, SL
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