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2019-07Design, synthesis, anti-mycobacterial and cytotoxic evaluation of C-4 functionalized 1,8-naphthalimide-heterocyclic hydrazide conjugates.Shalini; Johansen MD; Kremer L; Kumar V
2019-05Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis is able to manipulate host lipid metabolism and accumulate cholesterol within macrophages.Johansen MD; de Silva K; Plain KM; Whittington RJ; Purdie AC
1999-01-01Mutation and deletion analysis of GFRα-1, encoding the co-receptor for the GDNF/RET complex, in human brain tumoursGimm, O; Gössling, A; Marsh, DJ; Dahia, PLM; Mulligan, LM; Von Deimling, A; Eng, C
2019-01-01Effects of DEM resolutions on LS and hillslope erosion estimation in a burnt landscapeShan L; Yang X; Zhu Q
2019-07Thrombocyte Inhibition Restores Protective Immunity to Mycobacterial Infection in Zebrafish.Hortle E; Johnson KE; Johansen MD; Nguyen T; Shavit JA; Britton WJ; Tobin DM; Oehlers SH
2019-09Verapamil Improves the Activity of Bedaquiline against Mycobacterium abscessus In Vitro and in Macrophages.Viljoen A; Raynaud C; Johansen MD; Roquet-Banères F; Herrmann J-L; Daher W; Kremer L
2020-03-01The effect of varied dam release mechanisms and storage volume on downstream river thermal regimesMichie LE; Hitchcock JN; Thiem JD; Boys CA; Mitrovic SM
2020-10-27Chromatin accessibility dynamics of Chlamydia-infected epithelial cells.Hayward RJ; Marsh JW; Humphrys MS; Huston WM; Myers GSA
2020Cigarette Smoke exposure Alters Phosphodiesterases in Human Structural Lung Cells.Zuo H; Faiz A; van den Berge M; Mudiyanselage SNHR; Borghuis T; Timens W; Nikolaev VO; Burgess JK; Schmidt M
2020-04Differential quantitative proteomics reveals key proteins related to phenotypic changes of breast cancer cells expressing progesterone receptor A.Pateetin P; Pisitkun T; McGowan E; Boonyaratanakornkit V
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