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2019-01-01Assessing the Risk of Metals and Their Mixtures in the Antarctic Nearshore Marine Environment with Diffusive Gradients in Thin-FilmsKoppel, DJ; King, CK; Brown, KE; Price, GAV; Adams, MS; Jolley, DF
2019-12-01L-DOPA causes mitochondrial dysfunction in vitro: A novel mechanism of L-DOPA toxicity uncoveredGiannopoulos, S; Samardzic, K; Raymond, BBA; Djordjevic, SP; Rodgers, KJ
2018-10-24Efficient computing of radius-bounded κ-coresWang, K; Cao, X; Lin, X; Zhang, W; Qin, L
2018-10-24Efficient probabilistic k-core computation on uncertain graphsPeng, Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X; Qin, L
2019-10-31In Silico Investigation of the Binding of MCoTI-II Plant Defense Knottin to the γ-NGF Serine Protease of the 7S Nerve Growth Factor Complex and Biological Activity of Its NGF Mimetic PropertiesJones, PM; Mazzio, E; Soliman, K; George, AM
2020-06-18Microbiota Modulating Nutritional Approaches to Countering the Effects of Viral Respiratory Infections Including SARS-CoV-2 through Promoting Metabolic and Immune Fitness with Probiotics and Plant Bioactives.Shinde T; Hansbro PM; Sohal SS; Dingle P; Eri R; Stanley R
2020-07-15Selectively-Packaged Proteins in Breast Cancer Extracellular Vesicles Involved in Metastasis.Dalla PV; Santos J; Milthorpe BK; Padula MP
2020-01-23Revisiting the Interaction of Melittin with Phospholipid Bilayers: The Effects of Concentration and Ionic Strength.Sabapathy T; Deplazes E; Mancera RL
-Dual RNA-Seq analysis of in vitro infection multiplicity in Chlamydia-infected epithelial cellsHayward RJ; Humphrys MS; Huston WM; Myers GSA
2020-07Compromised Hippocampal Neuroplasticity in the Interferon-α and Toll-like Receptor-3 Activation-Induced Mouse Depression Model.Sanchez-Mendoza EH; Camblor-Perujo S; Martins Nascentes-Melo L; Dzyubenko E; Fleischer M; Silva de Carvalho T; Schmitt L-I; Leo M; Hagenacker T; Herring A; Keyvani K; Bera S; Kononenko N; Kleinschnitz C; Hermann DM
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