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2019-07-18Differential lung tissue gene expression in males and females: implications for the susceptibility to develop COPD.van den Berge, M; Brandsma, C-A; Faiz, A; de Vries, M; Rathnayake, SNH; Paré, PD; Sin, DD; Bossé, Y; Laviolette, M; Nickle, DC; Hao, K; Obeidat, M; Dragani, TA; Colombo, F; Timens, W; Postma, DS
2019-07-01Synthesis, anti-mycobacterial and cytotoxic evaluation of substituted isoindoline-1,3-dione-4-aminoquinolines coupled via alkyl/amide linkersRani, A; Viljoen, A; Johansen, MD; Kremer, L; Kumar, V
2019-02-01Structural characterization of protein toxins from Australian snake venoms using native mass spectrometryHarrison, JA; Kelso, C; Padula, MP; Nicholson, GM; Beck, JL
2019-01-01The hunter River estuary water quality modelGlamore, W; Mitrovic, S; Ruprecht, J; Dafforn, K; Scanes, P; Ferguson, A; Rayner, D; Miller, B; Dieber, M; Tucker, T; Rahman, P; King, I
2019-12Incorporating non-stomatal limitation improves the performance of leaf and canopy models at high vapour pressure deficit.Yang, J; Duursma, RA; De Kauwe, MG; Kumarathunge, D; Jiang, M; Mahmud, K; Gimeno, TE; Crous, KY; Ellsworth, DS; Peters, J; Choat, B; Eamus, D; Medlyn, BE
2019-05-16Tetraplegia to Overground Stepping Using Non-Invasive Spinal NeuromodulationGad, P; Gerasimenko, Y; Edgerton, VR
2020-05Projecting potential evapotranspiration change and quantifying its uncertainty under future climate scenarios: A case study in southeastern AustraliaShi, L; Feng, P; Wang, B; Li Liu, D; Cleverly, J; Fang, Q; Yu, Q
2019-03-01Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance over Land Using Geostationary Satellite DataShe, L; Xue, Y; Yang, X; Leys, J; Guang, J; Che, Y; Fan, C; Xie, Y; Li, Y
2019-01-01Propagation of climate model biases to biophysical modelling can complicate assessments of climate change impact in agricultural systemsLiu, DL; Wang, B; Evans, J; Ji, F; Waters, C; Macadam, I; Yang, X; Beyer, K
2020-06Early Establishment of Photosynthesis and Auxin Biosynthesis Plays a Key Role in Early Biomass Heterosis in Brassica napus (Canola) Hybrids.Zhu, A; Wang, A; Zhang, Y; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ; Greaves, AIK
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