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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991-01-01Investigation of soil influences in AVHRR red and near-infrared vegetation index imageryHuete, AR; Tucker, CJ
1997-01-01Diurnal and seasonal comparisons of assimilation, phyllode conductance and water potential of three Acacia and one Eucalyptus species in the wet-dry tropics of AustraliaEamus, D; Cole, S
1996-01-01Effects of standing litter on the biophysical interpretation of plant canopies with spectral indicesVan Leeuwen, WJD; Huete, AR
1992-01-01Normalization of multidirectional red and NIR reflectances with the SAVIHuete, AR; Hua, G; Qi, J; Chehbouni, A; van Leeuwen, WJD
1998-01-01The effect of home training with direct blood pressure biofeedback of hypertensives: A placebo-controlled studyHenderson, RJ; Hart, MG; Lal, SKL; Hunyor, SN
1990-01-01The influence of ozone, acid mist and soil nutrient status on Norway spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst.]: II. Photosynthesis, dark respiration and soluble carbohydrates of trees during late autumnBARNES, JD; EAMUS, D; BROWN, KA
1999-01-01Ecophysiological traits of deciduous and evergreen woody species in the seasonally dry tropicsEamus, D
1995-01-01Physiological influences on continuous finger and simultaneous intra-arterial blood pressureLal, SKL; Henderson, RJ; Cejnar, M; Hart, MG; Hunyor, SN
1999-01-01Mutation and deletion analysis of GFRα-1, encoding the co-receptor for the GDNF/RET complex, in human brain tumoursGimm, O; Gössling, A; Marsh, DJ; Dahia, PLM; Mulligan, LM; Von Deimling, A; Eng, C
1991-01-01The hydraulic conductivity of roots of rust-infected barley seedlingsBerryman, CA; Eamus, D; Farrar, JF
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