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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1990Persistent effects of ozone on needle water loss and wettability in Norway spruceBarnes, JD; Eamus, D; Davison, AW; Ro-Poulsen, H; Mortensen, L
1-Jan-1990Persistent stimulation of CO<inf>2</inf> assimilation and stomatal conductance by summer ozone fumigation in Norway spruceEamus, D; Barnes, JD; Mortensen, L; Ro-Poulsen, H; Davison, AW
1-Nov-1997A field study of spatial ecology and movements of a threatened snake species, Hoplocephalus bungaroidesWebb, JK; Shine, R
1-Jan-1995Photosynthetic responses to temperature, light flux-density, CO<inf>2</inf> concentration and vapour pressure deficit in Eucalyptus tetrodonta grown under CO<inf>2</inf> enrichmentEamus, D; Duff, GA; Berryman, CA
1-Jan-1997Seasonal patterns in soil moisture, vapour pressure deficit, tree canopy cover and pre-dawn water potential in a Northern Australian savannaDuff, GA; Myers, BA; Williams, RJ; Eamus, D; O'Grady, A; Fordyce, IR
Jan-1999Optimization Theory Of Stomatal Behaviour - I. A Critical Evaluation Of Five Methods Of CalculationThomas, DW; Eamus, D; Bell, DR
1-Jan-1999Seasonal changes in leaf water characteristics of Eucalyptus tetrodonta and Terminalia ferdinandiana saplings in a northern Australian savannaPrior, LD; Eamus, D
1-Jan-1996Tree responses to CO<inf>2</inf> enrichment: CO<inf>2</inf> and temperature interactions, biomass allocation and stand-scale modelingEamus, D
1-Jan-1991Variations in epidermal cell turgor of rust‐infected barley seedlingsBERRYMAN, CA; EAMUS, D; FARRAR, JF
1-Jan-1999Transpiration increases during the dry season: Patterns of tree water use in eucalypt open-forests of northern AustraliaO'Grady, AP; Eamus, D; Hutley, LB
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