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6-Mar-2007Carnosine and its constituents inhibit glycation of low-density lipoproteins that promotes foam cell formation in vitroRashid, I; van Reyk, DM; Davies, MJ
19-Jan-2007Characterization of the Plasmodium falciparum M17 leucyl aminopeptidase: A protease involved in amino acid regulation with potential for antimalarial drug developmentStack, CM; Lowther, J; Cunningham, E; Donnelly, S; Gardiner, DL; Trenholme, KR; Skinner-Adams, TS; Teuscher, F; Grembecka, J; Mucha, A; Kafarski, P; Lua, L; Bell, A; Dalton, JP
15-Apr-2006Analysis of NDVI and scaled difference vegetation index retrievals of vegetation fractionJiang, Z; Huete, AR; Chen, J; Chen, Y; Li, J; Yan, G; Zhang, X
1-Jan-2005Analysis of cerrado physiognomies and conversion in the MODIS seasonal-temporal domainRatana, P; Huete, AR; Ferreira, L
1-May-2007Use of chromosomal integron arrays as a phylogenetic typing system for Vibrio cholerae pandemic strainsLabbate, M; Boucher, Y; Joss, MJ; Michael, CA; Gillings, MR; Stokes, HW
1-Nov-2009Physicochemical properties of moringa oleifera Lam. seed oil of the indigenous-cultivar of BangladeshRahman, IMM; Barua, S; Nazimuddin, M; Begum, ZA; Rahman, AM; Hasegawa, H
1-Nov-2006The potted-plant microcosm substantially reduces indoor air VOC pollution: II. Laboratory studyOrwell, RL; Wood, RA; Burchett, MD; Tarran, J; Torpy, F
1-Sep-2006Insular shifts in body size of rice frogs in the Zhoushan Archipelago, ChinaWu, Z; Li, Y; Murray, BR
1-Sep-2006The potted-plant microcosm substantially reduces indoor air VOC pollution: I. Office field-studyWood, RA; Burchett, MD; Alquezar, R; Orwell, RL; Tarran, J; Torpy, F
1-Jul-2006Metal accumulation in the smooth toadfish, Tetractenos glaber, in estuaries around Sydney, AustraliaAlquezar, R; Markich, SJ; Booth, DJ
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