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2001-03-10Factors associated with fish modify life history traits of the cladoceran Ceriodaphnia cf. dubiaRose, RM; Warne, MSJ; Lim, RP
2001-07-07Decreased apoptosis in the ileum and ileal peyer's patches: A feature after infection with rabbit enteropathogenic Escherichia coli O103Heczko, U; Carthy, CM; O'Brien, BA; Finlay, BB
2001-01-01Acacia species and rhizobial interactions: Implications for restoration of native vegetationMurray, BR
2001-12-01An error and sensitivity analysis of atmospheric resistant vegetation indices derived from dark target-based atmospheric correctionMiura, T; Huete, AR; Yoshioka, H; Holben, BN
2001-01-01Differentially expressed genes identified during salt adaptation in eucalyptus microcorys: Down-regulation of a cdna sequence coding for α-tubulinChen, DM; De Filippis, LF
2001-01Examination of the Scope and Quantity of Published Osteopathic Research (1999-2000) Identified Using the Search Words Osteopath, Osteopathy and OsteopathicPhillips, AP; Cobbin, DM
2001-01The Liver's Shuxie FunctionGarvey, M; Lifang, Q
2001-01Global harmonisation of the professional behaviour of accountantsFarrell, BJ; Cobbin, DM
2001-01-01Quantifying potential benefits to Microcystic aeruginosa through disentrainment by buoyancy within an embayment of a freshwater riverMitrovic, SM; Bowling, LC; Buckney, RT
2001-06-06Fate and toxicity of endosulfan in namoi river water and bottom sedimentLeonard, AW; Hyne, RV; Lim, RP; Leigh, KA; Le, J; Beckett, R
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