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2008-11-01Population ecology of the velvet gecko, Oedura lesueurii in south eastern Australia: Implications for the persistence of an endangered snakeWebb, JK; Pike, DA; Shine, R
2008-02-01A modelling investigation into the economic and environmental values of 'perfect' climate forecasts for wheat production under contrasting rainfall conditionsYu, Q; Wang, E; Smith, CJ
2008-05-01Summer forage cropping as an effective way to control deep drainage in south-eastern Australia-A simulation studyWang, E; Cresswell, H; Yu, Q; Verburg, K
2008-01-01A technique for reflectance calibration of airborne hyperspectral spectrometer data using a broad, multiband radiometerMiura, T; Huete, AR; Ferreira, LG; Sano, EE; Yoshioka, H
2008-11-05Evaluation of recombinant proteins of Neospora caninum as vaccine candidates (in a mouse model)Ellis, J; Miller, C; Quinn, H; Ryce, C; Reichel, MP
2008-01Ecosystem aspects of arsenic poisoning: Human exposure to arsenic from food chainRahman, MA; Hasegawa, H; Miah, MA
2008-12-01Single channel wireless EEG: Proposed application in train driversRidwan, SD; Thompson, R; Jap, BT; Lal, S; Fischer, P
2008-02-01The silencing of cysteine proteases in Fasciola hepatica newly excysted juveniles using RNA interference reduces gut penetrationMcGonigle, L; Mousley, A; Marks, NJ; Brennan, GP; Dalton, JP; Spithill, TW; Day, TA; Maule, AG
2008-01Morphologic complexity and diversity in natural and channelized streamsRayburg, SC; Neave, M; Lambert, M; Daniell, T; Leonard, M
2008-01-01Towards conservation of a globally significant ecosystem: The Red Sea and Gulf of AdenGladstone, W
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