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2009-01-01Expression, imprinting, and evolution of rice homologs of the polycomb group genesLuo, M; Platten, D; Chaudhury, A; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2009-03-01Comparison of algorithms for incoming atmospheric long-wave radiationFlerchinger, GN; Xaio, W; Marks, D; Sauer, TJ; Yu, Q
2009-08-01A process to design a network of marine no-take areas: Lessons from the Great Barrier ReefFernandes, L; Day, J; Kerrigan, B; Breen, D; De'ath, G; Mapstone, B; Coles, R; Done, T; Marsh, H; Poiner, I; Ward, T; Williams, D; Kenchington, R
2009-05-25Immunological interactions between 2 common pathogens, Th1-inducing protozoan Toxoplasma gondii and the Th2-inducing helminth Fasciola hepatica.Miller, CMD; Smith, NC; Ikin, RJ; Boulter, NR; Dalton, JP; Donnelly, S
2009-09-14Repeated Dientamoeba fragilis infections: a case report of two families from Sydney, Australia.Stark, D; Barratt, J; Ellis, J; Harkness, J; Marriott, D
2009-09-01Higher taxa are effective surrogates for species in the selection of conservation reserves in estuariesShokri, MR; Gladstone, W
2009-08-01Dimethylfumarate inhibits NF-κB function at multiple levels to limit airway smooth muscle cell cytokine secretionSeidel, P; Merfort, I; Hughes, JM; Oliver, BGG; Tamm, M; Roth, M
2009-01Dietary intake of potentially toxic elements from vegetablesRahman, MA; Rahman, IM; Hasegawa, H; Pepareschi, A; Eppolito, H
2009-11-01Cystic fibrosis infections: Treatment strategies and prospectsGeorge, AM; Jones, PM; Middleton, PG
2009-11-01Physicochemical properties of moringa oleifera Lam. seed oil of the indigenous-cultivar of BangladeshRahman, IMM; Barua, S; Nazimuddin, M; Begum, ZA; Rahman, AM; Hasegawa, H
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