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24-Jan-2015Antibiotic-specific differences in the response of Staphylococcus aureus to treatment with antimicrobiala combined with manuka honeyLiu, M; Lu, J; Mueller, P; Turnbull, L; Burke, CM; Schlothauer, RC; Carter, DA; Whitchurch, CB; Harry, EJ
30-Jun-2015Development of a molecular biology tool kit to monitor dredging-related light stress in the seagrass Zostera muelleri ssp. capricorni in Port Curtis - final reportPernice, M; Schliep, M; Szabo, M; Rasheed, M; Bryant, C; York, P; Chartrand, K; Petrou, K
25-Nov-2015Sphingosine Kinase 1 (SK1-43kDa) isoform expression may contribute to cancer aggressivenessHatoum, D; Bok, CF; Touw, A; Nassif, N; McGowan, E
25-Nov-2015Detecting delivery of a microRNA drugWinata, P; McGowan, E; Nassif, N; Reid, G
30-Oct-2015Supporting first year learning of scientific writing skills with a flipped embedded academic integrity moduleDavila, YC; Griffiths, N; Leigh, A
25-Nov-2015Determining the Frequency and Involvment of PTEN Pseudogene (PTENP1) Expression in CancerHaddadi, N; McGowan, E; Nassif, N
1-Dec-2015Reshaping conservation with compassionRamp, D
1-Jan-2015Stress and the New South Wales Police Force: The prevalence of various coping mechanismsElliott, J; Lees, T; Nassif, N; Lal, S
27-Oct-2015AIM for change: Supporting first year learning of best practice in scientific writing with a flipped, embedded academic integrity moduleDavila, YC; Griffiths, N; Leigh, A
1-Nov-2015Early Chinese Perspectives of the Mind: An Evolutionary Account of the 神 Shén in Chinese Medical PsychologyQu, LF; Garvey, M
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