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1-Apr-2019Mangrove phenology and environmental drivers derived from remote sensing in Southern ThailandSongsom, V; Koedsin, W; Ritchie, RJ; Huete, A
1-Jun-2019Effects of Light Component and Water Stress on Photosynthesis of Amazon Rainforests During the 2015/2016 El Niño DroughtYan, H; Wang, SQ; Huete, A; Shugart, HH
1-Dec-2019An optimised passive acoustic sampling scheme to discriminate among coral reefs’ ecological statesElise, S; Bailly, A; Urbina-Barreto, I; Mou-Tham, G; Chiroleu, F; Vigliola, L; Robbins, WD; Bruggemann, JH
1-Dec-2019Repeated long-range migrations of adult males in a common Indo-Pacific reef sharkBonnin, L; Robbins, WD; Boussarie, G; Kiszka, JJ; Dagorn, L; Mouillot, D; Vigliola, L
1-Jan-2019Conjugated bile acids attenuate allergen-induced airway inflammation and hyperresposiveness by inhibiting UPR transducersNakada, EM; Bhakta, NR; Korwin-Mihavics, BR; Kumar, A; Chamberlain, N; Bruno, SR; Chapman, DG; Hoffman, SM; Daphtary, N; Aliyeva, M; Irvin, CG; Dixon, AE; Woodruff, PG; Amin, S; Poynter, ME; Desai, DH; Anathy, V
22-Aug-2019What is Normalization? The Strategies Employed in Top-Down and Bottom-Up Proteome Analysis Workflows.O'Rourke, MB; Town, SEL; Dalla, PV; Bicknell, F; Koh Belic, N; Violi, JP; Steele, JR; Padula, MP
1-Jan-2019Short-chain fatty acids increase tnfα-induced inflammation in primary human lung mesenchymal cells through the activation of p38 mapkRutting, S; Xenaki, D; Malouf, M; Horvat, JC; Wood, LG; Hansbro, PM; Oliver, BG
1-Jan-2019The elephant (head) in the room: A critical look at trophy huntingBatavia, C; Nelson, MP; Darimont, CT; Paquet, PC; Ripple, WJ; Wallach, AD
1-Jan-2019Locomotor Training Increases Synaptic Structure With High NGL-2 Expression After Spinal Cord HemisectionKobayakawa, K; DePetro, KA; Zhong, H; Pham, B; Hara, M; Harada, A; Nogami, J; Ohkawa, Y; Edgerton, VR
1-Jan-2019Luciferase-based reporting of suicide gene activity in murine mesenchymal stem cellsGerace, D; Martiniello-Wilks, R; Habib, R; Simpson, M
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