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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Life history and ecology of the elegant snake-eyed skink (Cryptoblepharus pulcher) in south-eastern AustraliaPike, DA; Roznik, EA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2020-07-15Vegetation and species impacts on soil organic carbon sequestration following ecological restoration over the Loess Plateau, ChinaWang, H; Yue, C; Mao, Q; Zhao, J; Ciais, P; Li, W; Yu, Q; Mu, X
2020-04-01Total soil organic carbon increases but becomes more labile after afforestation in China's Loess PlateauZhang, Q; Jia, X; Wei, X; Shao, M; Li, T; Yu, Q
2020-10The moral residue of conservation.Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Wallach, AD
2020-01-01Standards for environmental flow verificationZhao, CS; Pan, X; Yang, ST; Xiang, H; Zhao, J; Gan, XJ; Ding, SY; Yu, Q; Yang, Y
2020-08Misunderstandings of science and ethics in the moral panic over cats: reply to Crespin et al. 2020.Lynn, WS; Santiago-Ávila, FJ; Hadidian, J; Wallach, AD; Lindenmayer, J
2020-02-01Insights into fish auditory structure–function relationships from morphological and behavioural ontogeny in a maturing sciaenidTaylor, MD; Fowler, AM; Suthers, IM
2019-11-01Weaknesses in stock assessment modelling and management practices affect fisheries sustainabilityEdgar, GJ; Ward, TJ; Stuart-Smith, RD
2020-11-24Opposing life stage-specific effects of ocean warming at source and sink populations of range-shifting coral-reef fishes.Monaco, CJ; Nagelkerken, I; Booth, DJ; Figueira, WF; Gillanders, BM; Schoeman, DS; Bradshaw, CJA
2020-12-01Microsatellite development and detection of admixture among three sympatric Haploblepharus species (Carcharhiniformes: Scyliorhinidae)van Staden, M; Gledhill, KS; Gennari, E; McCord, ME; Parkinson, M; Watson, RGA; Rhode, C; Bester-van der Merwe, AE
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