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2020-02-05Ventilation heterogeneity and oscillometry predict asthma control improvement following step-up inhaled therapy in uncontrolled asthma.Tang, FSM; Rutting, S; Farrow, CE; Tonga, KO; Watts, J; Dame-Carrol, JR; Bertolin, A; King, GG; Thamrin, C; Chapman, DG
2020-10Cerebral cavernous malformations are driven by ADAMTS5 proteolysis of versican.Hong, CC; Tang, AT; Detter, MR; Choi, JP; Wang, R; Yang, X; Guerrero, AA; Wittig, CF; Hobson, N; Girard, R; Lightle, R; Moore, T; Shenkar, R; Polster, SP; Goddard, LM; Ren, AA; Leu, NA; Sterling, S; Yang, J; Li, L; Chen, M; Mericko-Ishizuka, P; Dow, LE; Watanabe, H; Schwaninger, M; Min, W; Marchuk, DA; Zheng, X; Awad, IA; Kahn, ML
2020-01-01Suppression and Reversal of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Inflammasome Activation/Activity and Lung Injury by Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Sulfide Delivery MoleculesWhiteman, M; Pacitti, D; Brown, A; Torregrossa, R; Balachandran, L; Kumar, V; Hansbro, N; Wood, ME; Haw, TJ; Scotton, C; Hansbro, PM
2020-04-01Overview on pattern identification – History, nature and strategies for treating patients: A narrative reviewBirch, S; Alraek, T; Bovey, M; Lee, MS; Lee, JA; Zaslawski, C; Robinson, N; Kim, TH; Bian, ZX
2020-11-08Pulmonary Daoyin as a traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation programme for patients with IPF: A randomized controlled trial.Zhou, M; Zhang, H; Li, F; Yu, Z; Yuan, C; Oliver, B; Li, J
2021-01-17ACE2 expression is elevated in airway epithelial cells from older and male healthy individuals but reduced in asthma.Wark, PAB; Pathinayake, PS; Kaiko, G; Nichol, K; Ali, A; Chen, L; Sutanto, EN; Garratt, LW; Sohal, SS; Lu, W; Eapen, MS; Oldmeadow, C; Bartlett, N; Reid, A; Veerati, P; Hsu, AC-Y; Looi, K; Iosifidis, T; Stick, SM; Hansbro, PM; Kicic, A
2020-05Green tea polyphenols ameliorate metabolic abnormalities and insulin resistance by enhancing insulin signalling in skeletal muscle of Zucker fatty rats.Cheng, J; Tan, Y; Zhou, J; Xiao, L; Johnson, M; Qu, X
2014-08PM10-stimulated airway epithelial cells activate primary human dendritic cells independent of uric acid: application of an in vitro model system exposing dendritic cells to airway epithelial cell-conditioned media.Hirota, JA; Alexis, NE; Pui, M; Wong, S; Fung, E; Hansbro, P; Knight, DA; Sin, DD; Carlsten, C
2019-061778-P: Delivery of the Insulin Gene Using an Integrating Adeno-Associated Viral Vector (AAV) to Diabetic NOD MiceLA, QT; REN, B; LOGAN, GJ; CUNNINGHAM, SC; KHANDEKAR, N; NASSIF, NT; O'BRIEN, BA; ALEXANDER, IE; SIMPSON, AM
2007-09Neonatal chlamydial infection induces mixed T-cell responses that drive allergic airway disease.Horvat, JC; Beagley, KW; Wade, MA; Preston, JA; Hansbro, NG; Hickey, DK; Kaiko, GE; Gibson, PG; Foster, PS; Hansbro, PM
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