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2020-02-27A new mouse line with reduced GluA2 Q/R site RNA editing exhibits loss of dendritic spines, hippocampal CA1-neuron loss, learning and memory impairments and NMDA receptor-independent seizure vulnerability.Konen, LM; Wright, AL; Royle, GA; Morris, GP; Lau, BK; Seow, PW; Zinn, R; Milham, LT; Vaughan, CW; Vissel, B
2020-02-05Ventilation heterogeneity and oscillometry predict asthma control improvement following step-up inhaled therapy in uncontrolled asthma.Tang, FSM; Rutting, S; Farrow, CE; Tonga, KO; Watts, J; Dame-Carrol, JR; Bertolin, A; King, GG; Thamrin, C; Chapman, DG
2020-01Using EMG to deliver lumbar dynamic electrical stimulation to facilitate cortico-spinal excitability.Taccola, G; Gad, P; Culaclii, S; Ichiyama, RM; Liu, W; Edgerton, VR
2020-10-19Acute cigarette smoke-induced eQTL affects formyl peptide receptor expression and lung function.Pouwels, SD; Wiersma, VR; Fokkema, IE; Berg, M; Ten Hacken, NHT; van den Berge, M; Heijink, I; Faiz, A
2020-10Cerebral cavernous malformations are driven by ADAMTS5 proteolysis of versican.Hong, CC; Tang, AT; Detter, MR; Choi, JP; Wang, R; Yang, X; Guerrero, AA; Wittig, CF; Hobson, N; Girard, R; Lightle, R; Moore, T; Shenkar, R; Polster, SP; Goddard, LM; Ren, AA; Leu, NA; Sterling, S; Yang, J; Li, L; Chen, M; Mericko-Ishizuka, P; Dow, LE; Watanabe, H; Schwaninger, M; Min, W; Marchuk, DA; Zheng, X; Awad, IA; Kahn, ML
2020-07-26Electronic cigarettes: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.McDonald, CF; Jones, S; Beckert, L; Bonevski, B; Buchanan, T; Bozier, J; Carson-Chahhoud, KV; Chapman, DG; Dobler, CC; Foster, JM; Hamor, P; Hodge, S; Holmes, PW; Larcombe, AN; Marshall, HM; McCallum, GB; Miller, A; Pattemore, P; Roseby, R; See, HV; Stone, E; Thompson, BR; Ween, MP; Peters, MJ
2020-01-01Suppression and Reversal of Cigarette Smoke-Induced Inflammasome Activation/Activity and Lung Injury by Novel Mitochondria-Targeted Sulfide Delivery MoleculesWhiteman, M; Pacitti, D; Brown, A; Torregrossa, R; Balachandran, L; Kumar, V; Hansbro, N; Wood, ME; Haw, TJ; Scotton, C; Hansbro, PM
2020-04-01Overview on pattern identification – History, nature and strategies for treating patients: A narrative reviewBirch, S; Alraek, T; Bovey, M; Lee, MS; Lee, JA; Zaslawski, C; Robinson, N; Kim, TH; Bian, ZX
2020-11-08Pulmonary Daoyin as a traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation programme for patients with IPF: A randomized controlled trial.Zhou, M; Zhang, H; Li, F; Yu, Z; Yuan, C; Oliver, B; Li, J
2015-05Targeting PI3K-p110α Suppresses Influenza Virus Infection in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.Hsu, AC-Y; Starkey, MR; Hanish, I; Parsons, K; Haw, TJ; Howland, LJ; Barr, I; Mahony, JB; Foster, PS; Knight, DA; Wark, PA; Hansbro, PM
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