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2020-04The Lipid Composition of Platelets and the Impact of Storage: An Overview.Green, SM; Padula, MP; Marks, DC; Johnson, L
2020-05Targeting of externalized αB-crystallin on irradiated endothelial cells with pro-thrombotic vascular targeting agents: Potential applications for brain arteriovenous malformations.Subramanian, S; Zhao, Z; Faqihi, F; Grau, GE; Combes, V; Inglis, DW; Moutrie, V; Stoodley, MA; McRobb, LS
2020-04Sputum microbiome profiling in COPD: beyond singular pathogen detection.Ditz, B; Christenson, S; Rossen, J; Brightling, C; Kerstjens, HAM; van den Berge, M; Faiz, A
2020-05Critical role for iron accumulation in the pathogenesis of fibrotic lung disease.Ali, MK; Kim, RY; Brown, AC; Donovan, C; Vanka, KS; Mayall, JR; Liu, G; Pillar, AL; Jones-Freeman, B; Xenaki, D; Borghuis, T; Karim, R; Pinkerton, JW; Aryal, R; Heidari, M; Martin, KL; Burgess, JK; Oliver, BG; Trinder, D; Johnstone, DM; Milward, EA; Hansbro, PM; Horvat, JC
2020-12Virus isolation of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) for diagnostic and research purposes.Stelzer-Braid, S; Walker, GJ; Aggarwal, A; Isaacs, SR; Yeang, M; Naing, Z; Ospina Stella, A; Turville, SG; Rawlinson, WD
2020-01How harmless are E-cigarettes? Effects in the pulmonary system.Bozier, J; Zakarya, R; Chapman, DG; Oliver, BGG
2020-08Response.Chapman, DG; Larcombe, AN; Bozier, J; Chivers, EK; Crotty Alexander, LE; Ween, MP
2014-11JTD special edition 'Hot Topics in COPD'-The microbiome in COPD.Chambers, DC; Gellatly, SL; Hugenholtz, P; Hansbro, PM
2014-02Lung-gut cross talk: a potential mechanism for intestinal dysfunction in patients with COPD.Keely, S; Hansbro, PM
2014-12Pulmonary immunity during respiratory infections in early life and the development of severe asthma.Hansbro, PM; Starkey, MR; Mattes, J; Horvat, JC
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