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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-03-24Autophagy lipidation machinery regulates axonal microtubule dynamics but is dispensable for survival of mammalian neurons.Negrete-Hurtado, A; Overhoff, M; Bera, S; De Bruyckere, E; Schätzmüller, K; Kye, MJ; Qin, C; Lammers, M; Kondylis, V; Neundorf, I; Kononenko, NL
2020-04Meeting fisheries, ecosystem function, and biodiversity goals in a human-dominated world.Cinner, JE; Zamborain-Mason, J; Gurney, GG; Graham, NAJ; MacNeil, MA; Hoey, AS; Mora, C; Villéger, S; Maire, E; McClanahan, TR; Maina, JM; Kittinger, JN; Hicks, CC; D'agata, S; Huchery, C; Barnes, ML; Feary, DA; Williams, ID; Kulbicki, M; Vigliola, L; Wantiez, L; Edgar, GJ; Stuart-Smith, RD; Sandin, SA; Green, AL; Beger, M; Friedlander, AM; Wilson, SK; Brokovich, E; Brooks, AJ; Cruz-Motta, JJ; Booth, DJ; Chabanet, P; Tupper, M; Ferse, SCA; Sumaila, UR; Hardt, MJ; Mouillot, D
2020-03Host-directed therapies targeting the tuberculosis granuloma stroma.Hortle, E; Oehlers, SH
2020-01Rodent medial and lateral orbitofrontal cortices represent unique components of cognitive maps of task space.Bradfield, LA; Hart, G
2020-06Chlamydia muridarum infection differentially alters smooth muscle function in mouse uterine horn and cervix.Lee, JM; Mayall, JR; Chevalier, A; McCarthy, H; Van Helden, D; Hansbro, PM; Horvat, JC; Jobling, P
2020-04-14Emerging Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Preeclampsia.Suvakov, S; Richards, C; Nikolic, V; Simic, T; McGrath, K; Krasnodembskaya, A; McClements, L
2019-11-01Refugia under threat: Mass bleaching of coral assemblages in high-latitude eastern AustraliaKim, SW; Sampayo, EM; Sommer, B; Sims, CA; Gómez-Cabrera, MDC; Dalton, SJ; Beger, M; Malcolm, HA; Ferrari, R; Fraser, N; Figueira, WF; Smith, SDA; Heron, SF; Baird, AH; Byrne, M; Eakin, CM; Edgar, R; Hughes, TP; Kyriacou, N; Liu, G; Matis, PA; Skirving, WJ; Pandolfi, JM
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