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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Noninvasive spinal neuromodulation to map and augment lower urinary tract function in rhesus macaquesHavton, LA; Christe, KL; Edgerton, VR; Gad, PN
2020-01Using EMG to deliver lumbar dynamic electrical stimulation to facilitate cortico-spinal excitability.Taccola G; Gad P; Culaclii S; Ichiyama RM; Liu W; Edgerton VR
2020Trophic niche segregation allows range-extending coral reef fishes to co-exist with temperate species under climate change.Kingsbury KM; Gillanders BM; Booth DJ; Nagelkerken I
2020-06-05Targeting miR-27a/VE-cadherin interactions rescues cerebral cavernous malformations in mice.Li J; Zhao Y; Choi J; Ting KK; Coleman P; Chen J; Cogger VC; Wan L; Shi Z; Moller T; Zheng X; Vadas MA; Gamble JR
2020-05A trophic cascade initiated by an invasive vertebrate alters the structure of native reptile communities.Feit B; Dempster T; Jessop TS; Webb JK; Letnic M
2020-06Chlamydia muridarum infection differentially alters smooth muscle function in mouse uterine horn and cervix.Lee JM; Mayall JR; Chevalier A; McCarthy H; Van Helden D; Hansbro PM; Horvat JC; Jobling P
2020-05Critical role for iron accumulation in the pathogenesis of fibrotic lung disease.Ali MK; Kim RY; Brown AC; Donovan C; Vanka KS; Mayall JR; Liu G; Pillar AL; Jones-Freeman B; Xenaki D; Borghuis T; Karim R; Pinkerton JW; Aryal R; Heidari M; Martin KL; Burgess JK; Oliver BG; Trinder D; Johnstone DM; Milward EA; Hansbro PM; Horvat JC
2020-07Effects of incubation temperatures on learning abilities of hatchling velvet geckos.Abayarathna T; Webb JK
2020Detecting sequence variants in clinically important protozoan parasites.Calarco L; Barratt J; Ellis J
2020-02Contribution of introns to the species diversity associated with the apicomplexan parasite, Neospora caninum.Calarco L; Ellis J
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