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2010-11-01Fish communities on the world's warmest reefs: What can they tell us about the effects of climate change in the future?Feary, DA; Burt, JA; Bauman, AG; Usseglio, P; Sale, PF; Cavalcante, GH
2017-01-01New weapons in the toad toolkit: A review of methods to control and mitigate the biodiversity impacts of invasive cane toads (rhinella marina)Tingley, R; Ward-Fear, G; Schwarzkopf, L; Greenlees, MJ; Phillips, BL; Brown, G; Clulow, S; Webb, J; Capon, R; Sheppard, A; Strive, T; Tizard, M; Shine, R
2006-10-01Investigation of mangrove macroalgae as bioindicators of estuarine contaminationMelville, F; Pulkownik, A
2019-05-31First record of Miltogramminae from New Caledonia: a new species of Protomiltogramma (Diptera: Sarcophagidae).Johnston NP; Wallman JF; Pape T
2019-11Towards Sustainable Environmental Quality: Priority Research Questions for the Australasian Region of Oceania.Gaw S; Harford A; Pettigrove V; Sevicke-Jones G; Manning T; Ataria J; Cresswell T; Dafforn KA; Leusch FD; Moggridge B; Cameron M; Chapman J; Coates G; Colville A; Death C; Hageman K; Hassell K; Hoak M; Gadd J; Jolley DF; Karami A; Kotzakoulakis K; Lim R; McRae N; Metzeling L; Mooney T; Myers J; Pearson A; Saaristo M; Sharley D; Stuthe J; Sutherland O; Thomas O; Tremblay L; Wood W; Boxall AB; Rudd MA; Brooks BW
2013-05-01The seaweed holobiont: Understanding seaweed-bacteria interactionsEgan, S; Harder, T; Burke, C; Steinberg, P; Kjelleberg, S; Thomas, T
2019-10-01Cautioning against overemphasis of normative constructs in conservation decision makingYanco, E; Nelson, MP; Ramp, D
2016-05-01Animal v. plant-based bait: Does the bait type affect census of fish assemblages and trophic groups by baited remote underwater video (BRUV) systems?Ghazilou, A; Shokri, MR; Gladstone, W
2014-12-15Diversity of peptide toxins from stinging ant venomsAili, SR; Touchard, A; Escoubas, P; Padula, MP; Orivel, J; Dejean, A; Nicholson, GM
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