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2011-04-01The influence of metal speciation on the bioavailability and sub-cellular distribution of cadmium to the terrestrial isopod, Porcellio dilatatusCalhôa, CF; Monteiro, MS; Soares, AMVM; Mann, RM
2007-10-01Accumulation of arsenic in tissues of rice plant (Oryza sativa L.) and its distribution in fractions of rice grainRahman, MA; Hasegawa, H; Rahman, MM; Miah, MAM
2003-01-01Experimental study of blood lead kinetics in estuarine crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) exposed to ingested lead shotHammerton, KM; Jayasinghe, N; Jeffree, RA; Lim, RP
2007-07-01Bioaccumulation of Cd by a European lacertid lizard after chronic exposure to Cd-contaminated foodMann, RM; Sánchez-Hernández, JC; Serra, EA; Soares, AMVM
2006-10-15Influence of cooking method on arsenic retention in cooked rice related to dietary exposureRahman, MA; Hasegawa, H; Rahman, MM; Miah, MAM
2012-05-01The use of a lacertid lizard as a model for reptile ecotoxicology studies - Part 1 Field demographics and morphologyAmaral, MJ; Carretero, MA; Bicho, RC; Soares, AMVM; Mann, RM
2010-09-01Flow cytometric assessment of Cd genotoxicity in three plants with different metal accumulation and detoxification capacitiesMonteiro, MS; Rodriguez, E; Loureiro, J; Mann, RM; Soares, AMVM; Santos, C
2019-11Towards Sustainable Environmental Quality: Priority Research Questions for the Australasian Region of Oceania.Gaw S; Harford A; Pettigrove V; Sevicke-Jones G; Manning T; Ataria J; Cresswell T; Dafforn KA; Leusch FD; Moggridge B; Cameron M; Chapman J; Coates G; Colville A; Death C; Hageman K; Hassell K; Hoak M; Gadd J; Jolley DF; Karami A; Kotzakoulakis K; Lim R; McRae N; Metzeling L; Mooney T; Myers J; Pearson A; Saaristo M; Sharley D; Stuthe J; Sutherland O; Thomas O; Tremblay L; Wood W; Boxall AB; Rudd MA; Brooks BW
2012-05-01The use of a lacertid lizard as a model for reptile ecotoxicology studies: Part 2 - Biomarkers of exposure and toxicity among pesticide exposed lizardsAmaral, MJ; Bicho, RC; Carretero, MA; Sanchez-Hernandez, JC; Faustino, AMR; Soares, AMVM; Mann, RM
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