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2016-04-14Synthesis and biological evaluation of N-naphthoyl-phenylglyoxamide-based small molecular antimicrobial peptide mimics as novel antimicrobial agents and biofilm inhibitorsNizalapur, S; Ho, KKK; Kimyon, Ö; Yee, E; Berry, T; Manefield, M; Cranfield, CG; Willcox, M; Black, DSC; Kumar, N
2018-03-22Stereochemical basis for the anti-chlamydial activity of the phosphonate protease inhibitor JO146Agbowuro, AA; Mazraani, R; McCaughey, LC; Huston, WM; Gamble, AB; Tyndall, JDA
2016-06-15Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ; Cinner, JE
2012-06-25Anti-malaria drug development targeting the M1 alanyl and M17 leucyl aminopeptidasesThivierge, K; Mathew, RT; Nsangou, DMM; Da Silva, F; Cotton, S; Skinner-Adams, TS; Trenholme, KR; Brown, CL; Stack, CM; Gardiner, DL; Dalton, JP
2018-01-01The biological and biophysical properties of the spider peptide gomesinTanner, JD; Deplazes, E; Mancera, RL
2018-08-25Characterisation of the structure and oligomerisation of islet amyloid polypeptides (IAPP): A review of molecular dynamics simulation studiesMoore, SJ; Sonar, K; Bharadwaj, P; Deplazes, E; Mancera, RL
2016-06-15Bright spots among the world’s coral reefsBooth, DJ
2010-10-01Synthesis and sensing properties of a new carbazole fluorosensor for detection of abacavirCywinski, PJ; Idzik, KR; Cranfield, CG; Beckert, R; Mohr, GJ
2016-03-01The role of CD44 and ERM proteins in expression and functionality of P-glycoprotein in breast cancer cellsPokharel, D; Padula, MP; Lu, JF; Jaiswal, R; Djordjevic, SP; Bebawy, M
2017-01-01The synthesis of planar chiral pseudo-gem aminophosphine pre-ligands based on [2.2]paracyclophaneJayasundera, KP; Engels, TGW; Lun, DJ; Mungalpara, MN; Plieger, PG; Rowlands, GJ
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