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1990-01-01The influence of ozone, acid mist and soil nutrient status on Norway spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst.]: II. Photosynthesis, dark respiration and soluble carbohydrates of trees during late autumnBARNES, JD; EAMUS, D; BROWN, KA
2004-03-01Cryopreservation by encapsulation-dehydration of 'Christmas bush' (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) shoot tipsShatnawi, MA; Johnson, KA
2015-01-01The hydraulic architecture of Eucalyptus trees growing across a gradient of depth-to-groundwaterZolfaghar, S; Villalobos-Vega, R; Zeppel, M; Eamus, D
2002-01Root biomass and root fractal analyses of an open Eucalyptus forest in a savanna of north AustraliaEamus, D; Chen, X; Hutley, LB; Kelly, G
2009-07-01The MYB transcription factor GhMYB25 regulates early fibre and trichome developmentMacHado, A; Wu, Y; Yang, Y; Llewellyn, DJ; Dennis, ES
2004-09-16Hydraulic architecture and water relations of several species at diverse sites around SydneyMcClenahan, K; Macinnis-Ng, C; Eamus, D
2004-01-01Mechanisms underlying the amelioration of O<inf>3</inf>-induced damage by elevated atmospheric concentrations of CO<inf>2</inf>Cardoso-Vilhena, J; Balaguer, L; Eamus, D; Ollerenshaw, J; Barnes, J
2003-04-08Changes in photosynthesis during leaf expansion in Corymbia gummiferaChoinski, JS; Ralph, P; Eamus, D
1991-01-01The hydraulic conductivity of roots of rust-infected barley seedlingsBerryman, CA; Eamus, D; Farrar, JF
2009-08-01Mechanisms of gene repression by vernalization in ArabidopsisSheldon, CC; Jean Finnegan, E; James Peacock, W; Dennis, ES
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