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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-15Toward Systems Pathology for PTEN Diagnostics.Haddadi, N; Travis, G; Nassif, NT; Simpson, AM; Marsh, DJ
2015-01-01Monitoring photosynthesis from spaceHuete, A; Ponce-Campos, G; Zhang, Y; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Ma, X; Moran, MS
2010-12-01Eutrophication and arsenic speciation in lake watersHasegawa, H; Rahman, MA; Rahman, IMM
2019-01-01Spontaneous Facial Expression Analysis Using Optical Flow TechniqueSidavong, L; Lal, S; Sztynda, T
2007-01Arsenic adsorption on iron plaque and uptake in duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza L.) affected by chemical speciesRahman, MA; Hasegawa, H; Ueda, K; Maki, T; Okumura, C; Starrett, SK; Hong, J; Wilcock, RJ; Li, Q; Carson, JH; Arnold, S
2019-01-01Drug Delivery from Polymer-Based Nanopharmaceuticals—Simulations of Selected Diffusion ProcessesRickert W; Morozova A; Müller WH; Vilchevskaya EN; Ben-Nissan B; Macha I
2018-12-28Basic concepts underlying activity- dependent mechanisms in the rehabilitation of sensory-motor function after spinal cord injuryEdgerton, VR; Gerasimenko, Y; Gad, P; Sayenko, D
2020-04-03Plant–microbe interaction within phytosystems used for air treatmentIrga P; Shagol C; Kim KJ; Pettit T; Torpy F; Soreanu G; Dumont E
2020-04-03Technological aspects of the removal of air pollutants by phytosystemsPettit T; Irga P; Torpy F; Shagol C; Kim KJ; Soreanu G; Dumont E
2020-04-03Phytosystems implementation: examples of application in practiceIrga P; Pettit T; Shagol C; Kim KJ; Torpy F; Soreanu G; Dumont E
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