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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09Storm events as key moments of microplastic contamination in aquatic ecosystems.Hitchcock JN
2020-04-01Sun-angle effects on remote-sensing phenology observed and modelled using himawari-8Ma X; Huete A; Tran NN; Bi J; Gao S; Zeng Y
2020-01-01Spatial pattern and seasonal dynamics of the photosynthesis activity across Australian rainfed croplandsShen J; Huete A; Ma X; Tran NN; Joiner J; Beringer J; Eamus D; Yu Q
2020-09-01Spatiotemporal partitioning of savanna plant functional type productivity along NATTMa X; Huete A; Moore CE; Cleverly J; Hutley LB; Beringer J; Leng S; Xie Z; Yu Q; Eamus D
2020-07Shifts in thermal preference of introduced Asian house geckos (Hemidactylus frenatus) in temperate regions of southeastern Australia.Lapwong Y; Dejtaradol A; Webb JK
2020-06Sexually dimorphic production of interleukin-6 in respiratory disease.Reddy KD; Rutting S; Tonga K; Xenaki D; Simpson JL; McDonald VM; Plit M; Malouf M; Zakarya R; Oliver BG
2020-01-15Special Issue "Top-down Proteomics: In Memory of Dr Alfred Yergey". Alfred Linwood Yergey, III, 17 September 1941-27 May 2018.Coorssen JR; Padula MP
2020-05-01Spontaneous Adsorption of Graphene Oxide to Oil-Water and Air-Water Interfaces by Adsorption of HydrotropesTurpin GA; Holt SA; Scofield JMP; Teo BM; Tabor RF
2020-04Sputum microbiome profiling in COPD: beyond singular pathogen detection.Ditz B; Christenson S; Rossen J; Brightling C; Kerstjens HAM; van den Berge M; Faiz A
2020-01-01Sample extraction and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method development and validation for the quantitative detection of cyanobacterial hepatotoxins and neurotoxins in Singapore's reservoirsAbbas F; Porojan C; Mowe MAD; Lehane M; Mitrovic SM; Lim RP; Yeo DCJ; Furey A
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