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2020-10-19Acute cigarette smoke-induced eQTL affects formyl peptide receptor expression and lung function.Pouwels SD; Wiersma VR; Fokkema IE; Berg M; Ten Hacken NHT; van den Berge M; Heijink I; Faiz A
2020-04-01Simulation of plant height of winter wheat under soil Water stress using modified growth functionsJiang T; Liu J; Gao Y; Sun Z; Chen S; Yao N; Ma H; Feng H; Yu Q; He J
2019-10-31In Silico Investigation of the Binding of MCoTI-II Plant Defense Knottin to the γ-NGF Serine Protease of the 7S Nerve Growth Factor Complex and Biological Activity of Its NGF Mimetic PropertiesJones, PM; Mazzio, E; Soliman, K; George, AM
2020-06-18Microbiota Modulating Nutritional Approaches to Countering the Effects of Viral Respiratory Infections Including SARS-CoV-2 through Promoting Metabolic and Immune Fitness with Probiotics and Plant Bioactives.Shinde T; Hansbro PM; Sohal SS; Dingle P; Eri R; Stanley R
2020-11-02An Easy-to-Use Deep-Learning Model for Highly Accurate Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease using SPECT ImagesMohammed F; He X; Zhang Y; Lin Y
2020-10-15The Sydney rock oyster microbiota is influenced by location, season and geneticsNguyen VK; King WL; Siboni N; Mahbub KR; Dove M; O'Connor W; Seymour JR; Labbate M
2020-07-15Selectively-Packaged Proteins in Breast Cancer Extracellular Vesicles Involved in Metastasis.Dalla PV; Santos J; Milthorpe BK; Padula MP
2020-01-23Revisiting the Interaction of Melittin with Phospholipid Bilayers: The Effects of Concentration and Ionic Strength.Sabapathy T; Deplazes E; Mancera RL
2020-06-01Brushite (Ca,M)HPO<inf>4</inf>, 2H<inf>2</inf>O doping with bioactive ions (M = Mg<sup>2+</sup>, Sr<sup>2+</sup>, Zn<sup>2+</sup>, Cu<sup>2+</sup>, and Ag<sup>+</sup>): a new path to functional biomaterials?Sayahi M; Santos J; El-Feki H; Charvillat C; Bosc F; Karacan I; Milthorpe B; Drouet C
2020-10-01Body temperature and time of day both affect nocturnal lizard performance: An experimental investigationDayananda B; Jeffree RA; Webb JK
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