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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1981Combined use of the chemitrode with osmotic minipumps for experimental brain researchGirgis, M; Kent, JC; Kohlhardt, S; Rasko, J; Stobo, P
Jan-1992Cooperation Under Uncertainty In Distributed Expert SystemsZhang, C
Jan-1993Developing the Design Space with Design Space AnalysisMacLean, A; Bellotti, V; Buckingham Shum, S; Byerley, PF; Barnard, PJ; May, J
Jan-1994The Need to Focus on Function, not Form in the Classroom (Sociolinguistic Contribution to English Teaching in Japan)Royce, T
Jan-1996A Pedagogy Of Multiliteracies: Designing Social FuturesCazden, C; Cope, B; Fairclough, N; Gee, J; Kalantzis, M; Kress, G; Luke, A; Luke, C; Michaels, S; Nakata, NM
Jan-1996Analyzing the Usability of a Design Rationale NotationBuckingham Shum, S; Moran, TP; Carroll, JM
1997Pauline Hanson One Nation and Australian PoliticsGrant, B
1997Participatory processes for citizenship for people with intellectual disabilitiesRyan, R
Jan-1998Scoping study into standby energy use by domestic electronic appliancesMilne, GR
Jan-1998Negotiating the Construction of Organisational MemoriesBuckingham Shum, S; Borghoff, UM; Pareschi, R
Jan-1998New Scenarios in Scholarly Publishing and DebateBuckingham Shum, S; Sumner, T; Eisenstadt, M; Vincent, T
Jan-1998A Neural Network Diagnosis Model Without Disorder Independence AssumptionXu, YL; Zhang, C
Jan-1999Leichhardt solar water heater surveyZamostny, A; Milne, GR
2000The Photographs: A StoryAitken, A
2000The value of participation in urban watershed managementRyan, R; Brown, RR
Jan-2000Green Building: Sustainable Water ConsultancyWhite, S; Dupont, P
Jan-2000Waste Management and Minimisation StrategiesWhite, S; Hendriks, C; Riedy, C
Jan-2000Backyard SowetoCrankshaw, O; Gilbert, A; Morris, A
2001Enhanced stormwater quality management - Community interaction, integration and coordinationRyan, R; Rudland, S
Jan-2001Submission to SEPP 66: Integrating land use and transportBanfield, K; Campbell, S; Mason, C