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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Spiritual dimensions of self-transformation in Sydney's gay bathhousesPrior, JH; Cusack, CM
Jan-2013Trialling urine diversion in Australia: technical and social learningsAbeysuriya, K; Fam, DM; Mitchell, CA
Nov-2015Evaluating the Liverpool Care Pathway for care of the terminally ill in rural Australia.Wilkinson, AM; Johnson, CE; Walker, H; Colgan, V; Arnet, H; Rai, T
11-Apr-2015Women's experiences of planning a vaginal breech birth in AustraliaHomer, CSE; Watts, NP; Petrovska, K; Sjostedt, CM; Bisits, A
Jan-2007Making decentralised systems viable: a guide to managing decentralised assets and risksWilletts, JR; Fane, SA; Mitchell, CA
Jan-2009Non-government organisation engagement in the sanitation sector: opportunities to maximise benefitsCarrard, NR; Pedi, D; Willetts, JR; Powell, B
Jan-2009High-temperature thermal destruction of poultry derived wastes for energy recovery in AustraliaFlorin, N; Maddocks, A; Wood, S; Harris, AT
Jan-2014Relative age effects in Australian Football League drafteesCoutts, AJ; Kempton, T; Vaeyens, R
2015Match-to-match variation in physical activity and technical skill measures in professional Australian FootballKempton, T; Sullivan, C; Bilsborough, JC; Cordy, J; Coutts, AJ
10-May-2016Association of BMI and interpregnancy BMI change with birth outcomes in an Australian obstetric population: a retrospective cohort study.Knight-Agarwal, CR; Williams, LT; Davis, D; Davey, R; Cochrane, T; Zhang, H; Rickwood, P
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