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Jan-2013Examination of climate risk using a modified uncertainty matrix framework - Applications in the water sectorEkstrom, M; Kuruppu, N; Wilby, R; Fowler, H; Chiew, F; Dessai, S; Young, B
Jan-2013Phosphorus flows through the Australian food system: Identifying intervention points as a roadmap to phosphorus securityCordell, DJ; Jackson, ML; White, S
Jan-2013Utilization Of Cathode Ray Tube Waste: Encapsulation Of Pbo-containing Funnel Glass In Portland Cement ClinkerLairaksa, N; Moon, T; Makul, N
Jan-2012Resource depletion, peak minerals and the implications for sustainable resourcePrior, TD; Giurco, D; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM; Behrisch, JC
Jan-2012Renewable energy in the minerals industry: a review of global potentialMcLellan, BC; Corder, GD; Giurco, D; Ishihara, K
Jan-2012Life cycle assessment: a time-series analysis of copperMemary, R; Giurco, D; Mudd, GM; Mason, LM
Jan-2009Adapting water resources to climate change in Kiribati: The importance of cultural values and meaningKuruppu, N
Jan-2013End use water consumption in households: Impact of socio-demographic factors and efficient devicesWillis, R; Stewart, RA; Giurco, D; Talebpour, MR; Mousavinejad, A
Jan-2009High-temperature thermal destruction of poultry derived wastes for energy recovery in AustraliaFlorin, N; Maddocks, A; Wood, S; Harris, AT
Jan-2014Phosphorus vulnerability: A qualitative framework for assessing the vulnerability of national and regional food systems to the multi-dimensional stressors of phosphorus scarcityCordell, D; Neset, T-SS
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