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Jan-2010Is In Vitro Fertilisation More Effective Than Stimulated Intrauterine Insemination As A First-line Therapy For Subfertility? A Cohort AnalysisChambers, G; Sullivan, E; Shanahan, M; Ho, M; Priester, K; Chapman, M
Jan-2008The efficacy of an augmented virtual reality system to alleviate pain in children undergoing burns dressing changes: A randomised controlled trialMotta, J; Bucolo, S; Cuttle, L; Mill, J; Hilder, M; Miller, K; Kimble, R
Jan-2010Multi-modal distraction: Using technology to combat pain in young children with burn injuriesMiller, K; Rodger, S; Bucolo, S; Greer, R; Kimble, R
Nov-2015Evaluating the Liverpool Care Pathway for care of the terminally ill in rural Australia.Wilkinson, AM; Johnson, CE; Walker, H; Colgan, V; Arnet, H; Rai, T
Jan-2014A comparison of aphasia therapy outcomes before and after a Very Early Rehabilitation programme following strokeGodecke, E; Ciccone, NA; Granger, AS; Rai, T; West, D; Cream, A; Cartwright, J; Hankey, G
Jan-2013Amount of Therapy Matters in Very Early Aphasia Rehabilitation after Stroke: A Clinical Prognostic ModelGodecke, E; Rai, T; Ciccone, NA; Armstrong, E; Granger, A; Hankey, G
Feb-2014International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technology: world report on assisted reproductive technology, 2005.Zegers-Hochschild, F; Mansour, R; Ishihara, O; Adamson, GD; de Mouzon, J; Nygren, KG; Sullivan, EA
Jan-2012Very early poststroke aphasia therapy: a pilot randomized controlled efficacy trialGodecke, E; Hird, K; Lalor, E; Rai, T; Phillips, M
Sep-2015Physical and Technical Demands of Rugby League 9s Tournament Match Play: A Preliminary Study.Kempton, T; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2013Monitoring internal training load and mucosal immune responses in futsal athletesMoreira, A; Costa, E; De Moura, N; Kempton, T; Coutts, AJ; Aoki, MS
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