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23-Nov-2016On Death and Indifference: Reflections on the Coronial Inquest of Ms DhuPorter, AJ
2016The influence of maturation, physical capacity, technical ability and motor competence on playing level and position in youth soccer playersLovell, T; Bocking, CJ; Fransen, J; Chang, S; Coutts, AJ; Favero, T; Drust, B; Dawson, B
1-Jan-2013Predicting the diversity of internal temperatures from the English residential sector using panel methodsKelly, S; Shipworth, M; Shipworth, D; Gentry, M; Wright, A; Pollitt, M; Crawford-Brown, D; Lomas, K
9-Sep-2013Interdisciplinary cohesion of TEL - An account of multiple perspectivesMeyer, P; Kelle, S; Ullmann, TD; Scott, P; Wild, F
Jan-2011Effectively managing the transition towards restorative futures in the sewage industry: a phosphorus case studyMitchell, CA; Fam, DM; Cordell, DJ; Howe, C; Mitchell, C
29-Feb-2016Analysing the risks of failure of interdependent infrastructure networksRaghav, P; Thacker, S; Hall, J; Barr, S; Alderson, D; Kelly; Hall, J; Tran, M; Hickford, A; Nicholls, R
2015Effectively Predicting Whether and When a Topic Will Become Prevalent in a Social NetworkLiu, W; Deng, Z; Gong, X; Jiang, F; Tsang, W
31-Mar-2016Drawing the Barcelona Pavilion: Mies van der Rohe and the implications of Perspectival SpaceLuscombe, DO
25-Apr-2016Towards automated content analysis of discussion transcripts: A cognitive presence caseKovanovíc, V; Joksimovíc, S; Waters, Z; Gaševíc, D; Kitto, K; Hatala, M; Siemens, G
1-Jan-2014Collegiality: Leading us into fantasy - the paradoxical resilience of collegiality in academic leadershipKligyte, G; Barrie, S
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